Bit cauldron 3d glasses??

Does anybody know when they will be releasing the bit cauldron 3d shutter glasses for ati cards? I've seen news about them since January yet and there was a finished model at CES but still nothing for retail.
I've also heard they were going to get released soon after catalyst 10.1 but now I'm assuming it'll be after the 10.3 driver release. Can anyone confirm anything?

I'm really just looking for an excuse to buy a 120 hz monitor but the wait is getting ridiculous...I want to finally upgrade my CRT!
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  1. Um, ATI hasn't released its own 3d solution, it's been talked about but its coming in 10.3 which should be in the next 2-3 weeks. 3d is too expensive now wait.
  2. Ati are going to be allowing third party vendors to add support for 3-d using their card with the 10.3 drivers. At least that is what they say, how soon after the vendors add support I ain't sure but it is coming. Supposedly.
  3. Quote:
    Um, ATI hasn't released its own 3d solution, it's been talked about but its coming in 10.3 which should be in the next 2-3 weeks. 3d is too expensive now wait.

    I know they haven't released a 3d solution yet which is why I asked. And bit cauldron will be one of the main supporters for the ATI 3d from what I understand which is why I asked specifically about them.

    Yeah the Nvidia 3d vision is too expensive but that's the whole reason for opening it up to third parties; it keeps the prices more competitive. I think the $200 for a pair of glasses is ridiculous but I wouldn't mind paying the $400 for the acer 120hz monitor. Its a bit expensive but it would be great for games even without the 3d as long as your hardware can handle 120 fps. IMO the monitor is worth it but shutter glasses at $200 is not. I'm hoping opening it up to third party vendors will drop the prices a least to $150 but I might be asking for too much
  4. The thing is even when 3d comes out the hardware to generate the two screens for 3d at 60hz exceed even mid range graphics cards. I agree that the 3d active glasses from Nvidia is exorbant, such that few stores actually keep it in stock, some competition would help :D. 3d is going to remain a price premium because the tech is still relatively new(for TVs and monitors), so I would wait a year or two.
  5. I think a high end midrange cards can handle 3d. The max resolution for the dual dvi is 1080p i believe. So I think a 5750 would be a bare minimum and most of us on here have better cards than that (don't forget you don't absolutely have to max out all the settings) and it would probably look decent at about 80 to 90 fps which would be at least 40-45 fps in 3d.
  6. A single link dvi can drive a 19 x 12 monitor.
  7. Sorry, wasn't thinking, you were of course talking about 120hz.
  8. Hi have been told by a firend in the trade that ATI intend to sell cards with the glasses as a package and should go on sale or release news soon after easter.
    I to am thinking of upgrading but want to know if a 200mhz TV would be better.
  9. From what I've been reading ATI is putting this almost entirely in everyone else's hands. I'm pretty disappointed.

    IZ3D is handling all of the 3d driver support.
    Bit Cauldron is licensing out the glasses tech to third parties, so which vendors will have quality glasses is yet to be seen. We're supposed to hear more in late summer according to the Bit Cauldron CEO.

    IZ3D version of 3D with their own custom monitor seems like the best bet for ATI owners. They use the polorized glasses instead of shutter lenses. Still have to use the IZ3D driver though. It doesn't support crossfire, and you have to put both DVI outputs into the 1 monitor. Plus it's not a 1920:1080 monitor.

    ATI needs to take this seriously. Stop messing around with eyefinity and put some effort into developing their 3D support. With open standards this could really put the hurt on Nvidias proprietary crap. But without support it will fail fast.
  10. Stop messing about with eyefinity?

    Sorry but eyefinity has gotten a lot more and favourable press than 3-d ever has.

    Also, I am assuming you mean a dual link dvi connection rather than two dvi connection.

    At least with ati's way anyone can join in which is not so easy with nvidia from what I understand.
  11. Turns out another driver company is also working on this. Tridef. Tridef seems to support all of the 3D TVs out there and the glasses they come with. They are not compatible with Nvidia 3d vision though...
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