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I am trying to upgrade my gateway sx2800 from 4G to 8G. I bought 2 2G Corsair 1333 sticks to add. I left the existing ram in the #2 and #4 slots and added the two new ones. Turned on and got a continuous squeel. Removed new and put the new in place of the original ram and still got the squeel with the new ran only. I DDR3 really picky and what should I get to increase ram. I do a lot of rendering with CAD and am slowly upgrading. I replaced the ram back to it's original config and all works as before. HELP.
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  1. You need to examine the original sticks for brand and chipset configuration; single versus dual sided chips; 4 x 256 or whatever chipset configuration they have. Crucial guarantees it's ram to work if you order from them and use their "configurator" software. Just enter your system model number.
  2. when addlng the new ram, do I pair up the existing ram (originally in slots 2 & 4) to slots 1 & 2 for the old and 3 & 4 for the new (or vise versi) or keeo them at 2 & 4 for the old and 1 & 3 for the new?
  3. Pair them up according to the color coded slots or what the manual says. You should find it online somewhere.
  4. o1die said:
    Pair them up according to the color coded slots or what the manual says. You should find it online somewhere.
    That makes sense. Thanks
  5. I´ve got the same problem. The never ending beep.
    SX2800-07, comes with two modules 2GB each made by Unifosa Taiwan, model GU512303EP0202

    I bought the upgrade at Fry´s, 2 x 2GB Corsair CMV4GX3M2A1333C9

    Installed in the two vacant slots: long beep
    Installed by themselves (removing the original modules): long beep

    What´s going on?

    Gateway says that my Corsairs are defective.

    Any ideas?
  6. Same senario...Corsair from Fry's. Then Patriot from Fry's...same beep. Next move is to the local independent shop. She says other customers with SX2800-07 had same problem with Corsair. How can that many Corsairs be defective? Tomorrow I'll take the gateway to her. Stay tuned.
  7. I´ve been on a chat adventure with Gateway support, they are really funny. Obviously based in Mars or something.

    Anyway, I bet our Corsairs are not defective. But they seem not to be liked by the mobo.

    Let´s see what they tell you. BTW, the Taiwanese originals... I doubt you can buy them anywhere but in Taiwan and by the 1000s

    Good luck and let´s keep in touch to find a solution. Great desktop but I need the 8GB. For those asking why, the Intel graphics swallow a good chunk of the 4GB.
  8. Just back from the geek at the mall store. We have success! The geek offered a MICRO 2G DDR3 1333. I only installed one because that's all they had; another is on order. So for now I have 6G total of ram, but it works. The trick seems to be that the MICRO is a double sided piece. The Corsairs and Patriots were only single sided. The other 2G stick will be in later this week. It should work with no problem. BTW...Gateway tech support has never been of any help to me. Give MICRO a try...let me know what happens.
  9. Cadworm, is it MICRO or MICRON?
    I´ve found the following

    Perhaps this is it.

    Thank you!
  10. Looking at the sales slip, it says MICRO. I need to go to the mall to get my ordered memory....will double check then and let you know. The extra 2G at this point works fine. Stay tuned.
  11. Correction: MICRON, not MICRO
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