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Hello,upgrade my system board processor from a dual core 2.66 to a core 2 duo 3.0 ,the system tries to start up but but shut down in the middle of the POST.
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  1. considering all the wiring is perfect, your mobo may be in need of a bios update to support the new processor.. List your system specs..
  2. we need the system specs & particularly the motherboard model & BIOS version
  3. Did you put in thermal grease?
  4. amnotanoobie said:
    Did you put in thermal grease?

    Agree. If the thermal grease was not applied correctly or not at all, the CPU might be heating up during the boot up process and the mother shut down when it reach the shutdown temperature set in the BIOS.
  5. Quote:
    You have not given nearly enough information for anyone to answer your question. How do you even know if your motherboard supports the new cpu??

    Well said.
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