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Water cooling parts advice for the wifes computer

Evening everyone! First...I am a huge fan of 3 years of Toms Hardware. I have never asked for advice regarding computers or anything in a forum before (please be nice). A little background first....I built a computer before deploying recently so the wife could play "World of Warcraft" while I was gone so she could escape reality from our kids when they go to bed. She has turned out to become an addict of the game. Now I realize that WOW is cpu intensive than gpu, but she doesn't know that and I am going to use that to water cool and upgrade the gpu. I really have no reason to water cool other than I want too. Here are my specs;

Antec DF-85
Asus P8P67 pro (1155)
i5-2500K MB
16gb Gskill ram
3 - 5770's in trifire (would be quad but the MB cant fit a fourth 5770 that I have)
120gb Revodrive x 2 SSD
1000W kingwin PS

I would like to have quality parts (top of the line) as my budget for water cooling is 800.00 USD. I plan on buying a 7970 gpu and possibly another case to fit my water cooling parts into. What I would like to ask of the community is what you would recommend for water cooling parts (not the all in ones that have flooded the market like the H60). I would like to water cool the cpu and gpu as I will most likely play with over clocking. All advice is appreciated and I plan to post pics of the build and any case modifications i may do. Now that I am home once again...I need a hobby so I don't annoy the wife....thank you again for the advice!
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  1. I wouldn't say that the 7970 is worth it - a 9800GT can still max out WoW with a good enough CPU, so it would surprise me if the 5770s would be any slower than the 7970.
  2. I agree but I was looking for a more cleaner look and to make room for the cooling loops...not mention less of a wattage draw from the power supply.
  3. Have you read the water cooling sticky yet? There is lots excellent information within that sticky. After you read the water cooling sticky browse through the water cooling member gallery to see how others are set up there loops.

    If you post up with a proposed list of parts, the members here will be more willing to help you out. With water cooling it is best for you to learn and pick your own parts rather than have some give you a parts list.

    I hope this helps you out and I look forward to seeing what you initially and finally decide upon.
  4. kombatmedik30 said:
    I agree but I was looking for a more cleaner look and to make room for the cooling loops...not mention less of a wattage draw from the power supply.

    The sticky and the pic gallery should be able to give you a lot of ideas...Google can easily help...just drop in some key words like your case model and watercooling.

    Most typical watercooling pumps draw less than 30w from your powersupply, many less than 15-20...just depends on model.
  5. Thank you all for your replies as I appreciate it!!! I have read the stickies and there is a lot of useful information. I have googled, read forums, and even watched you tube videos. This is my proposed parts list;

    CPU Block - Ek supreme H or the XSPC Raystorm
    Rads - 2 - 120 MM Black Ice
    Pump - Not sure if I should go bay pump or what?
    Resorvoir - MCRES ver-2 or the MCP35X
    Fittings - compression fittings obviously
    Tubing - I am not sure what diameter or brand
    GPU Block - Not sure as I have not ordered my 7970 - 680 - or 690 yet (could use some advice on brand and make of cards).

    I am not sure if I missed anything...If I have please tell me so. I like to get it right the first time so I do not have to go back over it (it's the military in me). Any and all advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Have you calculated TDP yet? This will help in determining the rad space you need.

    Bay pump or separate pump/res is totally up to you and how you plan on setting up your loop.

    What kind of fans are you going to put on the rad(s)?

    I like 1/2" ID tubing but the tubing you pick will be based on the pump you get and the fittings you choose, with compression fittings make sure you match up inner and outer diameter of the tubing you purchase.
  7. I have just learned of tdp. I want to overclock to 3.8 which (if i am correct) brings the tdp to under 100 watts. I figure that 1 -120mm black ice rad should keep temp under control. I would use the other 120mm rad for the evga 680 I just purchased.

    Pump wise due to my Antec DF-85 tower, I have read it really is not radiator friendly. I know I can install a 120mm on top but not sure on the rear after installing the top. I would say bay pump (but they are not quite as good) due to space issues.

    Fan wise I would go with the silent pro's or the noctua's.

    Fitting wise I was thinking of 1/2 tube with 7/8 compression fittings.

    What do you think?
  8. Modification can make that case radiator friendly.

    The more radiator space the better, to a point that is. You'll be able to run your fans at a lower speed.

    Link the tubing and fittings in question.
  9. I figure worst case scenario I can cut the massive hard drive bay by 2/3rds as I use a revodrive pcie ssd. I only use a 1tb WD spinable drive and a 240gb ssd in the bays. My intention is to put a 120mm on top and a 120 mm on the back or bottom where I cut. The resovoir can mounted on the 120mm rad if placed on the bottom. That only leaves the question on where to put the pump and what type. Then again I could just buy another case like the Cosmos II or Obsidian 800D. Any thoughts?
  10. and thank you for your replies micaouette!
  11. You could consider a rad box to keep all the watercooling stuff in, I'm currently re-purposing an old cheap case as a rad box for my computer. You can check out my thread if you want, pics of the new setup won't be up until later tonight or tomorrow:

    Do you not have two open 5.25" bays? The XSPC d5 vario pump/res combo is a solid choice.

    Remember that the pump has to be below the res when you fill the loop the pump cannot be run dry, it will kill it.

    If you mount a res on the radiator you will be negatively affecting it's performance.
  12. here's an update. I just bought off of ebay a used xspc Rasa 750 rx240 Watercooling kit with silent pro fans for 43.00 (no reserve). I also got a water block for my new EK EVGA GeForce 680 GTX FTW 4gb w/ backplate. I got the EK EVGA GeForce 680 GTX FTW VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Nickel CSQ.

    My plan now is to buy a new case and another rad. I am looking at the Cosmos 2 or the NZXT switch 810 Gunmetal case. Which do you all think I should get. Only drawback to the cosmos 2 is that there is no window for me to see my loop(s) and stuff but I do love that case.

    So to sum up....I have the 680 and I am expecting the gpu block and the water cooling kit by monday latest. I am hoping to buy a new case no later than sunday and it overnighted. I would like your suggestion on the case and any other water cooling parts you may have.

    thank you
  13. ok....I just hit the "BUY" button for the coolmaster cosmos 2 with the wifes (household 6 for the military among us) permission

    The wife increased my budget by 500.00 more. So I am going to get a 360 rad for the top....I just got xspc 750 rd 240 rad (bottom). I may need a better pump and res. Do I run single loop or double? I am also going to customize my wires to sleeves thanks to the forums and youtube. Once I get all my part in and together I will post pics of the build. What are your thoughts???
  14. Also I am inquiring about a clear side panel for the cosmos 2 so I can see what I spent.

    If it is relatively inexpensive I will buy it.
  15. Not overly much reason to run dual loops or have parallel lines for a system like this, running everything on a single loop will be fine.

    You could try modding your own Acrylic panel, though I wouldn't expect a completely Acrylic side panel, just a window.
  16. Do you think the "X2O 750 12V Pump/Reservoir" will be powerful enough for a single loop cpu/gpu?
  17. Would depend on the blocks and rads being used, but if they are relatively low restriction it should be fine.
    This should help you figure out if the pump is sufficient, generally you want a flow rate of 1GPM or better (to a point).
  18. Thank you for the link manofchalk. I had not figured that in but will do so now. I will recompile all my parts and do the math. I believe the wife is more excited than me hence the budget increase. I will list the parts later today and see what everyone says. I believe I have a good idea of what I need. Thank you for your input!
  19. Sorry i haven't been around to responde my computer is still in the middle of an upgrade, leak testing now actually. Looks like your build is coming together though. Maybe once i'm off this tablet i can give a response with actual feedback.
  20. no problem micaouette, i do appreciate the feedback from you and manofchalk. Here is list of things I have ordered.

    Case - Cool Master cosmos 2 -

    Cooling kit - xspc Rasa 750 rx240 Watercooling kit -

    Addition Rad - xspc RX360 -

    Fans - (5) Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm Fan -

    So I figure I need fittings (need help on size but would like compression and/or quick connects), tubing, fluid, and anything else you all can think of.

    Thanks again for your help
  21. oh and I got a gpu block for my 680

    EK EVGA GeForce 680 GTX FTW VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Nickel CSQ -
  22. Best answer
    Fittings: the kit comes with 1/2" barbs, so you want to stick with 1/2" ID fittings. If you want all compression's, you will need 8 of them for the loop as is. If you use the barbs from the kit, you only need two more to accommodate the extra rad.
    If you do get compression's and intend to use the kits tubing, make sure they are 5/8" OD.

    Tubing: would stick with 7/16" ID and 5/8" tubing for simplicity, get whichever colour you want.

    Fluid: Whatever distilled water is available from your local supermarket, no reason to buy "quality" distilled as it becomes contaminated as soon as it goes into the loop.

    You need anti-bacterial solution of some kind, either a silver kill coil or a Biocide like PT-Nuke or Deadwater. If you buy the kit through FrozenCPU, you should get some free Deadwater. Both do the same job just fine.
  23. Thanks for the reply manofchalk. The kit should be here tomorrow followed by the gpu block and the pc case on Wednesday. If I need additional fittings I will order monday and have it 3 day delivery as i want to put all this together on the following saturday. Hopefully i wont fry my system :)
  24. kill coil ordered from petrashop....I like low maintenance!!!!!
  25. None, as that's the first I have ever seen of them.

    Never really researched Crossfire/SLI connectors as I'v just had no reason too, so cant tell you which one to get.
    Are you using them to connect GPU blocks, or do you want some kind of rigid tubing?
  26. Well...I am eventually going to get an acrylic door for the cosmos 2, with that being said I am also leaning towards aesthetics of my case since i am pouring at least 700.00+ dollars into water

    the crystal link would give it a more pleasing look in theory......
  27. O.K. so some things have changed. The wife says she wants a blue theme(lighting) to the case, and yes more work for me. Most of the parts will be here Wednesday except the clear side panel that is on 10 weeks back order. I am thinking of ditching the bay res for the mcp655 (swiftech) with the mod top. Also I am thinking of getting the XSPC raystorm (blue LED) water block. What do you think?
  28. Easy, get blue tubing and some lighting solution like an NZXT Hue.

    Wouldn't bother replacing the parts now that you'v already gone ahead and ordered them unless you can assure that you can sell them off to someone else before the new parts arrive.
  29. very wise...very wise. I will look into that. Once the parts get here on Wednesday I will set up and go from there. I am in no rush as i want to do this right. Thanks for the advice and the links!
  30. My xspc Rasa 750 rx240 Watercooling kit got here today. Cosmos 2/gpu water block/and 360 rad on weds- and fittings/tubing/etc by friday. I leaked test the kit today externally and all seems good. Will be posting picks around sat or sun of the build.
  31. the build is done. I am not totally happy with the way things the fact that a 60mm (360 rad) wont fit on the top due to mother board clearance. I did make it work on the bottom due to my power supply is mostly modular. I am about to post pics once I figure out how too!
  32. Use photobucket or some other image uploading website for pics.
  33. I would like to thank mlcaouette and manofchalk for their replies and recommendations (you were the only ones). The wife helped me put it all together and she even helped leaked tested after a couple disasters with leaks. Nothing fried and after 5 hours of prime 95 temps held at 29C (cpu) and 26c (gpu). Only problem I now want to upgrade everything!!! Thank you again guys!!!
  34. Right click on the photos, pick a medium size. Then right click on the new photo that pops up, "Copy image URL".
    Then paste the link here with " " tags around it. That will display the image without needing to follow a link.

    The water-bug has bitten :lol:
    That be some crazy temps, must be freezing where you live.

  35. test...test....test
  36. didn't work....must be a mac thing!! Colorado springs is cold at the moment....but ambient temp is 71 degree's in the house
  37. Didn't put in the forward slash in the second tag.

    Nice, you'v got between a 5-10c delta on your loop, that's a pretty good result.
  38. Need to copy the image URL from the picture in Flickr
    Should get you this URL, which you can put the tags around.

    Be so much easier if we could upload straight to Toms :lol"
  39. by the way...thanks for the help. The wife is very happy with temps but most of all the quiet compared to last rig.
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  41. Thread closed....thank you!
  42. Congrats on the build, it looks nice! There is a little excess tubing, but overall a solid looking rig. Be sure to post up a nice final pic in the water cooling gallery.
  43. Yeah i ran into kinks in the tubes so I added more tubing length. I was worried about cutting off flow. I need some 45 degree fittings in which i will order in about week. I will post better quality pic of the build tomorrow or the day after. Thank you for all the advice you have given micaouette!!!
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