Case fans disabling power supply

I'm having a reallly strange issue with a system that I just got through building (all components are brand new). Here are the basic specs (relevant to the discussion).

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
PSU: Raidmax Hybrid RX-530SS
Case: Rosewill Wind Knight ATX Mid-size Tower (2 x 120mm fans)

I currently have the entire system hooked up (with all the other components not listed) and it works fine, as long as the case fans aren't hooked up to the fan headers of the motherboard. The case fans are currently only plugged directly into the PSU, and are spinning at full power. If I hook any of the case fans into any of the Mobo's fan header jacks, not only do the fans not work, but it disables the entire power supply, making nothing work.

Not only does it not work when the fans are plugged into the Mobo, but to get it working again, I have to not only unplug the fan headers, but I have to also UNPLUG (not just switch off) the power supply from the wall.

Obviously this is an issue with the Mobo not the case (since the fans spin when plugged into the PSU only) and I'm sure RMAing it won't be too much of a problem, but can anybody lend any insight into why this is happening, and if there is a way I can fix it without having to send it back?

Also worth noting is that it isn't a matter of not enough juice in the PSU, because the same thing happens when I tested it with just the basic components (no video card, hard drive, etc)

Let me know what you think.
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  1. again...

    So I might have been having a blonde moment. I'm new to building systems, and I was working under the assumption that with modern hardware, everything is designed to just kinda 'fit' together, and if it doesn't fit, it doesn't go. Therefore, although I did do a lot of reading a lot of time, small things like case fans might have slipped my notice.

    So, I come to you with a much simpler question. My case fans have both connections that connect directly to the PSU, as well as connections to the MOBO. I kinda just assumed that I was supposed to plug them directly into the PSU for power, AND the Mobo for control. Can the Mobo provide all the necessary power, allowing me to bypass the PSU entirely?

    If they answer is yes, then ignore my first long post (I hope it's not too late). If the answer is no, then please read and enlighten me.

    Thanks for putting up with me!
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    You want to only plug the fans into one or the other.

    Directly to the PSU if you have manual control over their speed (or don't care if they're on high all the time).

    To the motherboard if you want to control them through alternate means.
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