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I am trying to update my bios on my asus motherboard P5s800-VM. I have created a bootable floppy disk, loaded my new bios rom onto the floppy, restarted the PC, changed the boot priority to load from floppy which is does, then I get an error: I/O Error however it still loads up the utility for flashing the new bios so i type in the filename: AM7I4A05.ROM then it trys to load the new new module but comes up with the following error code: can not load module or module not found? What should I do? Regards BEn
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  1. If you boot to the floppy disk, then you should also have an executable (.exe) file on the floppy that starts loading of the .ROM file.

    You can download the executable file from Asus download center.

    Conversely, you can enter BIOS and run the .ROM file from there. For this you must read the motherboard manual to see if / how that can be done.
  2. Just try it with a different floppy. (make sure you have the correct BIOS for your board)
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