Hard drive stops responding?!

Hi...few months ago i had a problem that my hard drive frequently stops responding and all my applications froze.Then somehow it stopped when i replaced it.It was a samsung 80 gb.Then a few months later i got a 250 gb western digital caviar blue drive.Now the same problem started in this drive (but not the other, its running quite fine).I changed all wires...power sata..even got it replaced.But still the same problem.I dont know what to do.Plz help will be a great honour.

p.s-sometimes in order to get the wd drive started i unplug all the wires of the drive and re connect and sometimes it works.and my pc is 2 years old(except the hard drive)

my specs

pentium d 3.0 ghz
2 gb RAM
8500 GT 512
450 watt psu
samsung dvd drive
floppy drive
2 hard drives......1 samsung 80(works fine)...other westerndigital 250 gb (crashing).
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  1. Is the 80 GB IDE or are they both SATA?
    Try switching cables on the WD. Check the SATA connection to the motherboard.
  2. Both are sata...checked sata connection on motherboard....tried switching conclusion.....i observed that when i interchanged the sata power cable(not the main 4 pin...the one that goes to hard drive after connecting to 4 pin)the problem went to the samsung drive and the western digital was running it possible that some thing is wrong with the power cable(i checked the psu and its working fine..

    thanks for ur reply
    (sorry for so many questions)

  3. Switch them back a couple times to see if you can consistently replicate the issue with that one power lead.
    Examine the power connector for obvious problems that might cause it to connect improperly.
    Is there another power lead that you can use?
    Adapters to convert LP4 power connectors to SATA 8 connectors might be hard to find. Maybe you need to think about replacing the PSU.
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    The HDD crashing can be traced to one of two things.

    1. The Molex power connector is bad. Try replacing.

    2. The SATA data cable is bad OR the SATA connector on the motherboard is bad. Try a new SATA data cable. Try a different SATA connector on the motherboard.

    If no other SATA connectors are available on the motherboard, then consider replacing both HDDs with a much larger capacity (750GBs?) and connect the new HDD to the known good SATA connector. You can use the old HDDs as external drives.

    For transferring the OS to the new drive a good option is Apricorn's drivewire cloning device.

    This is what I did when my laptop 40GB HDD started to "click" indicating impending failure. Replaced the HDD with a 320 GB HDD. In your case, HDD failure is not the problem.

    Something t consider.
  5. Thank you mate.Ireplaced psu and have the prob solved.Thanks for your help :)
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