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Hello everyone.

I am thinking about upgrading my current system.

I will need a mobo RAM and CPU.
My current system holds
Core2Duo 3.2GHz (Intel)
4Gb DDR2 RAM (Kingston) <--- very old dunno specs anymore
GTX295 (XFX)
2x 1TB HDD 32MB (Western Digital)
750Watts 80+ (Corsair)

Any suggestions?
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  1. the original speed of the CPU is 2.6 if I'm not mistaking
  2. i7 930
    ASUS P6X58D Premium
    6gb g.skill pi ddr3 ram
    bout $750
  3. Um, your current system is fine, no real need to upgrade unless you're into heavy rendering/ graphics editing.
  4. Obsidian has the right idea for an upgrade, but like Bathracis indicates it wont make much difference in very many games. Maybe for Crysis and GTA4. What makes you think you need an upgrade?
  5. Well the Idea came to me when I couldn't run GTA 4 on max settings and since my mobo CPU and RAM are almost like 4/5 years old I tought it would really be outdated but it seems not.
    Anyway thanks for the advise on this :)
  6. The problem is that GTA IV is very CPU dependant.

    You need to purchase a lga 775 C2Q, It's the cheapest upgrade you can do.

    Soemthing like this would vanquish all GTA IV worries, for >300$. And it would not require new CPU+RAM+MOBO.

    That GPU is still the second fastest card out htere, no need to upgrade.
  7. Oh, Here's a used live one, will go under 300$ cuase it's used, other was new for 300$.

    If you don't trust Ebay, Here's a Newgg one for 320$.
  8. thanks! I just might do that.
    yeez the CPU prices in the US are crazy the same CPU is rated at € 148,00 in the netherlands
  9. Ok, You should get a 9655.

    Rember, GTA IV is a console port, and is poorly optimized for the PC, and in the Converse of most games, the CPU is a bigger factor than the GPU.
  10. I agree upgrading to (and overclocking) a core2quad is the smart option for you for GTA4.
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