Wanting Help for buying Graphics Card

Motherboard:ASUS M2NMX
Processor:AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+ 1.81 ghz
Ram:896 Mb

Please sugget me some good graphics card within the budget of Rs5000 INR. And do i need to upgrade my Ram.....if so,then please suggest...........Please reply quick.
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  1. Geforce 9600GT is available for ~Rs4500.

    You can search if 9800GT is available for Rs5000 or not.

    These two cards are in your budget.

    Why are you buying a gfx card?
    Which OS are you using?
    Which Power Supply(SMPS) do you have?
  2. if not gfx card then what??? please specify!!!! am using Xp sp3.......and 14 pin frontech smps............
  3. Well, assuming you want to play current games on that thing you will need more upgrades than just a video card. Yes, your ram is a quite low, you will want to add at least another gig. The bigger problem is your processor which is very poor by today's standards. Fortunately your motherboard is AM2 and can use much better processors. Here is a list of what it can handle;
    I would recommend a dual core of at least 5000+
    Basically you probably shouldn't bother with a new video card unless you can afford a new processor and another gig of ram as well.
  4. @OP:
    Frontech SMPS is not so good quality.
    You'll need to change that.

    Are you planning to game on that PC?Please mention your monitor's resolution then.
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