Does this CPU exist

Hi was just browsing through ebay at macbook pros for a friend and came across one with

3.33 GHz T9900 Intel Core i7 Duo processor; 6MB L3 Cache, 1066MHz Front Side Bus

Its not a real processor is it? I thought T9900 and i7 were completely different?

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  1. Sure it does exist. But as I see it, it runs at 3.06GHz.
    The T9900 are for mobile. I believe they are completely different family with the i7 which incidentally also have mobile versions.
  2. The processor you suggested does not exist, but the Core i7 and T9900 do. The T9900 has 6MB L2 cache, and as randomkid said, only runs at 3.06GHz.
  3. It CAN'T be an i7 and run on a 1066MHz FSB. Thats impossible.
  4. mac4me123 said:
    Hi was just browsing through ebay

    This makes everything absolutely clear. No, the chip you've listed does not exist. You are correct in your assertion that the T9900 and i7 chips are different. People that list things on ebay often don't know anything about the product they're selling.
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