Single Pump 9x140mm radi is it enough?

Okay I found this monster radi MO-RA3 9 x 140mm PRO Extreme Radiator i was going to do dual loops with 140.3 but i think this would look cleaner my plan is to mount it enternally on the right side panel of the Mountain Mods Pinnacle 24 and use a single pump to cool the i7-3930k and dual 7970 video cards I was hoping to find a shroud for it but I might have to just leave it open

will it work?
I was going to do push pull for a total of 18 140mm fans
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  1. You're going to want a pretty strong pump like the MCP35x to push the water around. Just for the sake of comparison I used to use a total of 10.120mm radiators in my old setup with a cpu block and 2 gpus on an Alphacool VPP655 (d5 vario) and it worked fine but I always kept it on the highest pump setting, the MCP35x has more head pressure than the 655 (or d5 vario as you might know it), so it should be able to handle it without much issue so long as your waterblocks are not high restriction.
  2. I'm running a XSPC RX360 connected to a Watercool MO RA3 420 (9 x 140) Pro to a cpu block to a gpu block and back to the pump/reservoir combo. I'm using a Swiftech D5 655b and it works VERY well.
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