Replacement for a 9600GT

Hi all,
I am looking to replace my 9600 GT, possibly with a Crossfire setup. What would give me the best value for money, in the price range of ~£150 or less.

CPU: Intel Q6700
Mobo: P5Q Pro
RAM: 4GB OCZ Reaper PC2 8500

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  1. one of these cards, i dont know what they go for in your country though

    4850 - good
    5750 - better
    5770 - best of the three listed
  2. 5770
  3. Would a 5770 be better than two 5670s in CrossFire?
  4. yes, also not every game supports CF/SLI
  5. Not sure what 150 in euros will get you but try for a 5830.
  6. The only reason to ever get a 5830 is if you feel brave enough to try to flash it to a 5870/5850.

    However, I doubt the success rate would be very good.

    In either case, the 5770 is a solid performer for it's price range. It is just about on par with a 4870, but will improve with driver maturity.

    If you could afford the extra, a 5850 would offer a longer lifespan and would reduce the need of crossfiring it.
  7. The 5830 has its good points, solid OCing, solid memory bandwidth.
    Since it's an AIB card & not a reference all the coolers have been quite good, so with overclocking it should be an OK buy.
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