How do I get turbo mode on my 2500 (Not unlocked)

I have an Intel 2500 3.3ghz processor and I want to get it to the 3.7 advertised when it is in Turbo mode... Sorry I am a little new to the whole overclocking think and me being stupid and not buying an unlocked processor doesn't help... I have an Asus P8Z68 V-LE Motherboard ( I hate this motherboard with all of my heart).. Sorry if im hard to understand, but any help?

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  1. Your CPU will go to 3.7ghz when you are using a program that uses a single thread.

    It will go to 3.6ghz when a program uses 2 core, 3.5ghz when the program uses 3 cores, and 3.4ghz when the program uses 4 cores.

    That's your answer.
  2. Quote:
    How do I get turbo mode on my 2500 (Not unlocked)

    Turn the computer on! :)
  3. Thanks.. Didn't know that... Thought there was an option to overclock it to 3.7.. My bad... I need to stick to unlocked processors...
  4. Unfortunately the Intel turbo boost is not 3.7ghz for all cores as amuffin said. You could try messing with the base clock but that won't go very far, and you could run into trouble so I wouldn't do it.
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