What adapters do I need to Crossfire for the power supply?

I bought this power supply


and I was told that I would need a couple of adapters in the future if I wanted to crossfire my cards. I thought I understood where things would be connected but looking at the back of the power supply box it shows all the connectors and I don't know which ones will work. It has 1 6pin and 1 6+2 pin connector for the first card but these adapters I need what would they connect to?

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  1. I'm assuming you have an HD 5850 as the GPU. If that's right, the card has a port that needs both the 6 pin and 6+2 pin attached to it (leave the +2 part dangling). The card should come with two adapters that you can use. The adaptars take two molex (4 pin) connectors (what you use to power the SATA devices like the HDD and opticals) and convert them to a single PCIe connector (6 pin).

    EDIT: If your card didn't come with the adapters, here's what you need: molex to 6 pin adapter.
  2. What graphics card do you have? Some take only one 6pin power connector, some take two, and the largest graphics cards take both a 6 and an 8 pin.

    If your graphics card only takes one 6pin power connector (like a GT 250 or 5770), you wont need any adapters. If it takes a 6 and an 8 (like a GTX 295), that EA 650 is probably not strong enough to power two of them.
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