Is the i5-750 good enough for video editing?

I have decided to upgrade my home-built PC so that it better handles video editing.
I've read lots of reviews and believe that the i5-750 is my best option.
However, in some of those reviews someone has made a remark that for video editing then you should really opt for the I7-920.
Well that option is an expensive step-up and I wonder if it is overkill for my needs.
I am quite sure that the comment should be "if you are seriously into editing, like every day, studio production then go for I7. But if you are just a home movie maker the i5 is ample."

Am I right? I just do really basic stuff. I don't mind if the rendering process is not so fast - that always provides a good opportunity to make a cuppa. It is more important that when I am importing raw files, and rolling film that the video displays without glitches.

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  1. If you don't mind waiting, you're not going to see massive gains by buying the more expensive system. If your concern is video playback, then you'll have to make sure you have graphics card that is appropriate for your system. The i5-750 is a solid processor that should suit your needs.

    Alternatively, if you're also buying a new motherboard, then consider the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T and an appropriate motherboard. It will be a great processor for the type of work your computer will be doing. This could potentially end up being cheaper than an i5-750 build and perhaps even perform better for your usage.
  2. Thanks Slayer. Never thought about the AMD option.
  3. i5-750, simply value in money, and very good enough, last long.
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