Recovery disk for toshiba laptop

Hello, i am writing because i am in need of a recovery disk for my Toshiba Laptop
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  1. First off, what model?
    Second, have you checked Toshibas support web site?
  2. Your laptop should have some software to create a recovery disc. You simply have to insert a blank disc & run that software, which will turn that disc into a recovery disc.
  3. The above post assumes that...
    1. The machine is still bootable and you can get into the software that creates the recovery cds
    2. The machine hasn't be monkey'd with and/or the hidden recover partition is still intact. (ie. a replacement hardrive for example)
    3. The age of the machine is recent enough to even have a recover partition, as he didn't provide us with a model.
    4. The drive is even still funtional, which we dont know as he didn't tell us why he needs the recovery CDs.

    If we are to assume that the hard drive is in working condition, that a recovery partion still exists, then try turning the unit off. Hold down the 0 key and power it back on. (continue to hold down the 0 key through this process). That may restore it to factory. Of course depends on the model.
  4. Also try F10 or Ctrl-F10 at boot.
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