Games Crashes at Stock Clocks

I don't know if anybody else had this problem but now it's really getting in my nerves.
I have an Powercolor AMD 6770 and the problem is that all my games crashes at stock clocks, while runs fine when overclocked or underclocked. Recently i bought DMC 5 (I guess there is no 5 in there) the 2013 one and the problem is that the Whole system crashes with a buzzing sound in the Speaker after running 15-20 min or so and i have press the reset button and after restarting windows i get an message Windows has recoverd from an unexpected shutdown problem name Blue screen or something like that.
Now comes the interesting part that the game runs fine when overclocked or underclocked but not at the stock clocks similarly affecting Crysis 1,2,3(Beta),BF3,DMC,Hitman Absolution.
My stock clocks are 850 & 1200 and the overclocked one is 900 & 1300.
Please all the members here i need help asap this is indeed the most peculiar thing i've ever seen in my entire gaming career, I tried Driver sweeper with drivers from 12.10 - 13.2 beta drivers and even went for a clean format but nothing helps. I heard OC reduces the life span of a gpu so i want to run in stock clocks please please please help ASAP all the members this is my first post so please bear with my writing style.

My full specs in case it's needed

Intel Pentium Dual core E2200
Ram 4 GB DDR3
HDD Seagate Barracuda 500 GB
PSU Some 500 watt (Don't know the company name).
ECS G41t-M7 Mobo.

I know my specs are Ancient but i will be upgrading shortly, so was wondering is there some problem with my GPU.
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  1. what temperatures are you reaching while gaming? when you overclock are you changing the voltages? if not then your not reducing the life span in anyway especially the relatively small overclock you are doing,
    I'd say you are probably around minimum requirment for devil may cry even under your cpu is 2.2ghz minimum requirement is 2.4ghz
  2. I get 55-60 C while gaming and get 40-50 FPS in DMC and The GPU dosn't supports voltages tweaking.
    It's strange that while OC or underclocking it runs fine but crashes at stock clocks .
    First it stops giving display to the monitor but still can hear the game sound in the background and after a few seconds the sounds turns into Buzzing sounds dunno why :/ can you please help ?
  3. check out your CPU load while gaming. If its very high (hits 100% load) then its probably a CPU problem.

    I recently had a problem like this. A virus attacked me and made my CPU load stay at 100% at all times. It used to freeze my games. I fixed it by reinstalling windows. I dont think you have a virus though. Also the crazy thing about my virus is that once i open task manager, it became 'inactive' so use another program that can test CPU load like RealTemp.
  4. I monitored it with MSI afterburner after using the Hwinfo in the OSD and says 80 % or so ingame . Today i tried to touch the back Side of my GPU and i felt like my hand is abt to burn
    it was so hot but the reading was 50 C in afterburner i guess the sensors are giving false readings.
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    check your CPU load on another program (not task manager) and see load when not gaming. You may have the same problem as me. Dont be worried about 50C. The sensor only measures the core, it doesnt measure the PCB.
  6. Something similar used to happen to me. For me, it was a driver issue. When you uninstall your drivers, some stuff stays in the registry and is not compatible with new drivers, causing it to crash. For this reason, many people use driver sweeping software, like this one:

    Download and install it. Then follow these steps:

    Start>Control Panel> Computer>Manage>Device Manager>Display Adapters>[Double Click] (Primary Graphics Card)>Driver>Uninstall (Be sure to check the box that says something like "Delete Driver Software"

    Open Driver Sweeper
    Select nVidia AND AMD drivers
    Click Analyze
    Click Clean
    Restart and Repeat steps

    Your computer should now be clean and go ahead and install the latest drivers from AMD. These are the steps I take to update my drivers, or else my game will crash and buzz like you. I don't know why, but that's what I need in order to keep my system running crash free, so try it out and see what happens, especially if you have recently upgraded your drivers.
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