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Does anyone have any info on the Dark Fleet Cases from Antec? I actually found a Japanese video on the DF-35, hope it is alright to post it:


It is Japanese I believe. Is it supposed to use the Antec 900 Chassis? Or is it bigger, smaller? Mid-Tower? What do you all think about it?
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  1. Based on the video, it looks like it is based off of the Antec 1200 chassis, which makes it more of a full tower. I believe they are being released later this month.
  2. I think that is based in the 902. It's too small for being an evolution from the 1200.
  3. Hmm ok I like the fan filter access :) - but come on seriously it looks like something out of a christmas cracker.... cheap and tacky.

    How could antec come out with that after the 900 / 902 / 1200 cases ? they may not be stunning to look at but at least the quality shows.
  4. The DF-35 is mid size and the DF-85 is a full tower.
    Last i read they have an July /August release date.
  5. In the DF-85 there is a new PSU. Interesting...

    High Current Gamer: 80 Plus Bronze, 900W.
    +3,3V @ 25A
    +5V @ 25A
    4x +12V @ 40A each one

    It seems that there is another serie: High Current Pro. They would be very high quality PSUs: 80 Plus Gold certification. All Japanese-brand capacitors, DC-to-DC voltage regulators and Dual-layer design. (OCP) Over Current Protected +12V rails. NVIDIA SLI-Ready and ATI CrossFireX certified. 5 years warranty. Four models: HCP-750, HCP-850, HCP-1000 and HCP-1200 models.
    750W - 135mm fan - 4x 12V rails.
    850W - 135mm fan - 4x 12V rails.
    1000W - 135mm fan - 5x12V rails
    1.200W : 1.188W in the 8x +12V rails and 175W in the 3,3V and 5V outputs. 80mm fan. nVidia Triple SLI certification.

    The power supplies are expected to arrive by the end of July. [:henry chinaski:9]
  6. Here we have more information about the new cases:
  7. Thanks Henry for the link. The hot swap is nice, just doubt I will ever use it. XD

    That is DF-85, then some links from that Channel has other videos, along with that Lanboy or something.

    Lanboy thing, is it even part of the Dark Fleet?
  8. I like the fail at 1:29.
    Sort of looks like they copied the HAF.
    Nice filter system though.

    As far as I know, Lanboy=/=DF
  9. I want a Lanboard best product sick of pulling my case along the floor when i need to do adjustments.
  10. Anyone know if they have announced a release date?
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