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I have two 250 Sata hdd with 3 OS in total. Let us use Sata A & Sata B to differentiate between the two hdd. Sata A has windows 7 OS. Sata B is running both windows 7 & windows Xp OS. So my question is can i have the opition of running between the three OS when i boot up?
Because i've been unable to do so thus far when i boot up with both hdd. It only allows me to boot from one hdd at a time. Many Thanks in advance....
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  1. SO on your primary Hard drive and Windows installation you need to add the other operating systems to the boot.ini file.

    System Properties - Advanced - Startup - Repair but to get to this file and edit/modify it, you will need to enable hidden protected OS files etc. I would google how to modify the boot.ini and i believe there are even tools out there to do this for you.

    why do you need 3 Operating systems? If you have an application that will not run in windows 7, you set it to compatibility mode, WindowsXP. If the 2nd Win7 OS is 32-bit while the main is 64-bit, windows has a Program files for 64bit and Program Files x86 for 32 bit applications. Now if you need the secondary OS, i highly recommend you use something like VirtualBox to virtualize this OS, which will load in a window on your current/existing installation

    See this img:

    I have a clean windows OS installation running for when i work on troubled PC's remotely, has my work tools on it etc. Now i can make installations of Windows Server, Linux, Unix, Windows 98 etc. anything you want
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