Need a atx motherboard for a i7 870 intel first build

i have another post could not figure out how to edit it but looking for a atx motherboard for a i7 870 Intel 2 video cards 5770 first build needs to be a lga 1156 socket something simple don't plan on no oc something simple but reliable don't need nothing fancy don't want a mini atx just an atx and i really green so any help is appreciated.
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    I would recommend the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro for your "i7 870 / ATI 5770 Crossfire setup". Unless you have already purchased the 5770's, I would recommend going with a Nvidia GTX 460 768mb in SLI instead for better performance... Or go with a single card setup of either the GTX 470 or ATI 6870, which will cost about the same but give you better options down the road.
  2. thanks for the help and on the cards makes sence and the board thank you
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