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New rig, need advice, please help..

Hi all,

I'm still in the process of building a new gaming rig (waiting for a few other components), and I
really need some advice with water cooling, if anyone is able to lend a hand?

I'm looking at a loop where I can see the water (looks cool, I guess. :P ), but I'm just not too sure
if it would be best to purchase an already completed loop (if so, which would be best), or if I should
do the research on the individual components of a loop, and buy them all separately. Oh, and the
other thing is that I'm not exactly sure on how to go about mounting things here and there, as far
as where to mount them is concerned.. thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and for any
help given, I really do appreciate it! :)

My rig:

Intel Core i7-3770K
ASUS Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX
EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW
G.Skill Trident-X 16G (2x 8G) ..possibly upgrade to 32G (4x 8G) in the near future.
OCZ Vertex 4 256G
Seagate 3.5" Barracuda 3TB
LG BH14NS40 blu-ray writer
BenQ XL2420X monitor

all packed inside an Antec Nine Hundred Two v3 Gaming Case

Thanks again.

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    Well let's start like this. First you should read the watercooling sticky. Meditate on what you've read, and read it again. After you've read through the sticky decide what components you intend to watercool and make sure that your case can fit it all in. That includes figuring out how much radiator space you will need. Once you've done that, draw out a map of how the loop would go in your case, doesn't have to be fancy just to get an idea.

    From there put together a list of components for the loop and post it up here and we can critique it from there.
  2. Well water cooling setups are expensive and are meant for enthusiasts. Instead of spending a few hundred on water cooling, get a better graphics card or something. your money will be better spent that way.
  3. His graphics card is fine, it wouldn't be worth it to get a second one at 1080p anyway. If he's doing 3D gaming with his monitor however then yeah maybe a second card.
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  5. Thanks guys. I'll get stuck into the Sticky and suss it out (really should have read that beforehand, but just glanced past it!). :/

    Does anyone know of any pump, reservoir etc. benchmark or comparison sites? That would be pretty useful too, even some suggestions as far as what components you guys use yourselves.

    Thanks again! :)

  6. Skineelabs, Martin's liquid lab those are two great sources for you to go to, hope they help
  7. scopey86 said:
    Skineelabs, Martin's liquid lab those are two great sources for you to go to, hope they help

    Thanks mate, I'll go through the Sticky again and check those
    sites out after work. :)

    I've done some researching and have been told on another
    forum that the Antec 900 Two v3, is too small to cool the CPU, GPU
    and the Thermo Fusion on the mobo, let alone RAM. Any thoughts
    on this, or would it be better to perhaps have 2 loops?

    I'm not too keen on another case, as the Antec is brand new and still
    to be used for the first time ever (I'm still building, just using the laptop atm)! :/

    Thanks again,

  8. Honestly I haven't messed with that case personally, your best bet is to google search Antec 900 Two v3 buildlog watercooling (or instead of watercooling just put a random lc part like waterblock, tubing, fittings or something) and see what others have done.
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