GTX 295 vs GTX 285 vs GTX 275 vs 9800 GX2


1. The reason
My card 9800 GX2 has crashed and manufacturer say that he will give me a GTX 275.
I have bought gx2 about 1,5year ago for ~600$.
Now i see - GTX275 is worth ~260$...

2. May i try to choose another one?
GTX 275 is ready for me.
But i read specifications at Nvidia site.
There are few things i cannot compare by myself so i'm here to ask you about this.
Cores quantity, clocks... all that stuff ;)
Sorry for my english :/
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  1. Not a bad trade off performance wise. Performance isn't that different, in fact the 275 is better in high res benchmarks, for reference:

    Dont compare there market values, just compare performance.
  2. About the same performance wise, but the GTX 275 will use less power as well as run quieter, Id go for it!
  3. Thank You, qbit, for interest.
    Because i'm not good with tech-specs, i came here to ask.
    You have right, performance is the most important.
  4. well if you wanna jump the bandwagon here are the top cards
    ati 5970
    nvidia gtx 295
    ati 5870
    ati 5850
    nvidia gtx 285
    nvidia gtx 275 and 9800 xg2 should be on almost level
  5. Obsidain, He doesn't want to "jump the bandwagon". And honestly, if he did in this senario, it would be moronic.

    You should ask them for a GTX 295, see if they will give it to you.
  6. only fair since the 9800 gx was top at its time and the gtx 295 is top now or get an ati
  7. yeh, you should counter offer them for a GTX 295. Say that they are giving a single GPU chip that's 1/3rd the price fo you're old chip.
  8. See if you can get a GTX285. If you can, sell it for an HD5850, which trumps every nVidian single-chip, as well as runs much cooler.
  9. Ask, for a Gtx 295, and then try to settle for a 285, or even a 295 if they give it to you.
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