MOBO & GPU combo from same company - is there benefit?

Like everyone else here, I'm looking at doing a new build around Black Friday. My question is, should I be considering a MOBO and GPU from the same company? Aside from compatability, are there any other benefits that would be high enough to make it a consideration?

For the record, I'm going AMD Phenom II x4 965 with AM3 motherboard. I would prefer the MOBO to not be backwards compatible to AM2 or less as I'm a firm believer in moving forward and don't really want the extra "backwards compatible" stuff on the board if I can avoid it.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

PS: On the GPU front, I'm wanting eyefinity, so looking hard at the HD 6850 cards around $200. The ASUS cards are sold out on newegg, hence the reason I was double checking to make sure it wasn't missing much by using different companies. Still reading up, but so far looks like ASUS or XFX for the GPU.
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  1. Save a few dollars and take the 955 Black edition, it will clock easily to match the 965,
    Personally I dont think theres any benefit/drawbacks to having samename components other than the obvious 'choosing name over performance' which doesn't seem to apply much in pc circles thankfully but I would be wary of xfx for the temps,
  2. I usually prefer different companies to buy stuff from.

    My CPU: Intel
    My motherboard: Asus
    My gfx card: Sapphire
    My RAM: Kingston
    My PSU: Antec
    My Bluray burner: LG
    My DVD burner: Sony
    My SSD: OCZ
    My HDD: Seagate
    My Case: Gigabyte
    My UPS: Powercom

    You cannot find two components in my system from the same company. My system runs quite well.
  3. There is no advantage, other than personal preference, to match name brands of components just for the names sake alone.
  4. More than being of the same brand name, compatibility is the issue. There may be beautiful SDRam packs singing mermaid's songs, but find first if they are adequate for your CPU... And if they fit under the shadow of a huge CPU cooler, specially with the heat "fins" and cooling addition some of them get.,2535-5.html,2535-6.html

    I guess you get the idea of purely physical inconveniences. Then again, I just loved a 2x4GB DDR3 1600 MHz, and found the CPU wouldn't admit 1600's... So learn from my grim tale of broken love and despair... :P
  5. I wouldn't bother with trying to match the same company for each component. For instance, Corsair makes excellent PSUs and RAM, while Asus makes great motherboards and sound cards. Never underestimate the importance of a good PSU, some have been reported to go crazy and melt people's entire systems. For graphics cards Galaxy is good because their cards have extra cooling units (on Galaxy's 470 cards they have a fan and heat-sink).
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