SSD reading/writing at half speed

It's a Samsung PM 810 (basically a Dell only version of the 470)
I popped it in my EEE PC 1005HAB and thought it was working great, until I benched it and saw it's running half as fast as it should.
I'm almost positive my board supports SATA II, and the drive itself is SATA II, so why would it be running at SATA speeds?

I'm clueless.

Here's my benchmark:

Here's a benchmark of someone else's exact drive in another system:

Crystal Disk shows it is connected @ SATA/300 (SATA II)

So what gives, any ideas?
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  1. SASTII 3Gbit supports 250MB/s and SATAIII 6 Gbit supports 500 MB/s read/write speeds.

    Also Laptop' benchmark is tend to be lower than Desktop PC.

    Do you do tweak your SSD following this Useful SSD Articles Part 2
  2. i suppose that could be, but i installed an intel gui and it is showing the drive is running @ 1.5gb/s. so it is definitely running @ sata i speeds.

    is there a known way to verify my system supports sata ii?
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  5. you're absolutely right, i had just found that also. strange because i had read the 1005HA is SATA II, while i guess the HAB is NOT. bummer!

    was it even worth getting an SSD then?
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