GTX 580 gets very low FPS in Furmark (Avg 10) but gets 120fps in BO2??

Hey folks,

Anyone know what kind fps I should be getting from a stock EVGA GTX 580 while running a Burn-In test in Furmark.

I have it set to:
1280x1080 (I tried 1280x720 also but saw no difference)
Anti-aliasing (off)
Dynamic background (on)
Burn-in (on)
Xtreme burn-in (on)

I am only getting 10 fps and it is very noticeable. If I throw on CoD Black Ops 2 I am getting well over 100fps (Avg) and up to 120-130fps (max)

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  1. Just tested battlefield 3 there with settings on ultra. I was getting around 60 fps (avg) and about 90 fps (max). These figures sound fine to me. It is just it seems weird to get such low fps in Furmark. My gtx 470 got a higher fps in Furmark with same settings. I think it got around 25 fps (avg) in furmark but I got lower fps in games. Not by a huge amount but they were lower.

    Anyone have a clue why I am seeing these results. I think the card is fine but it just seems a little strange.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. After some research, I found out that while it may not look intense with what is going on graphically wise during the benchmark, I can assure you that there's TONS of things happening in the scene to tax your video card. The reason they do this is to prepare for future hardware instead of just testing the current gen stuff.
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