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I am selecting parts for my new PC and have an issue with CPU. I am planning a fast and powerful computer for Windows 7 64-bit, photoshop, 3ds max, and new games. Which CPU can you recommend? Wanted to buy AMD Phenom II x4 965, but now I'm not sure.
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  1. I would build off an Phenom II X4 955 or Core i5 750, since they are the two best bang for the buck CPU's... IMO
  2. Do you want AMD or Intel? An i5 or i7 will be the best for what you want, we don't know how much money you're willing to spend though.
  3. U must go with amd as u can get comparitive quality with intel will less bucks

    can go with multicore processror as same with somewhat quad core one's
  4. 955 and i5-750 are indeed the best bang for buck processors.
    i5-750 surpasses stock clocked i7's once overclocked.

    It depends on your budget.
  5. For gaming they've given you solid advice. A CPU is a CPU and you'll not notice a difference.

    For photoshop and 3ds max however the hyperthreading of the i7's will shine. If you want budge then i7-860, if budget isn't the primary concern then a i7 930.
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