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I'm having a terrable problem - sometimes I cant get my pc working - it goes till Windows Loading screen ( if lucky ) , and shows after 3 minutes of loading , that i have to reboot PC or screen goes black with little typing thing blinking .... Sometimes , if I am realy lucky ( like now ) , I can even get it running ( yay :D )

I think the problem is becouse of my PC's FAN , as i think it just dont spin - Like i hear the usual thing - when it is spinning , and than i hear like nothing - maybe PSU fan , and by the moment I dont hear The FAN , PC freezes , however , I can scroll down webpages and see motion , sometimes , becouse I was watching a cartoon on veete.com , when picture froze , than went normal , than again froze , and went blue screen - with message that PC turning itself off so that PC dont get damaged ....

happening quite often , i think right when PC is under "Pressure" - meant as CPU is 100% .. i think it was 100% or 68% when i once froze ( yeah , i had windows Task manager on ) !

++++ I turned CPUID HWMONITOR on to see fan speed - looked that it was always on 1620 - 1670 RPM , however ,maybe my screen froze and there werent no motion at that moment.

All I need to know is - Is that could ever be caused by CPU's FAN , and do I need to buy a new PC ( GOT I HOPE I WILL NEED TO ) , is it fixable (dammnit ).....

Write anything you know - I will be glad to know anything!
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  1. Ok, first we need you to post specs of your system, Motherboard, Ram any, gfx card, hard drives and psu, how old is the system?, it would also be helpful to know how many fans you have in there.
    I'm having similar problems with my Gf's rig and theres a long list of faultfinding ahead so I need to know what your working with,

    But yes, possibly its that your pc is so very old its just tired and needs replacing :P which ofc we on Toms will be happy to help you build
  2. Uhh - My Computer is 5 years old , however motherboard is 1 year old , as my old one DIED! :D

    Ok System RAM - 1Gb , Video - Onboard Intel *** , Intel Celeron D 2.93GHz , 1 HDD - 40GB , PSu - 300W I guess it was Antec . together 2 fans - CPU and PSU!

    OS - Win XP
  3. Im going to need more specific details dude, :)

    Ram, Brand, speed and is it one stick alone?
    Onboard gfx ,no problem there
    Motherboard model number
    Hard drives quite old and small imo
    psu should be fine powering that albeit a touch old as well
    Do you have the budget to consider a new build maybe?
    Where does the rig live? under a desk,in a cubbyhole?
    Im personally a fan freak so I'd have more cooling in there myself, but I'm loath to suggest buying fans when you would be better off with a new system.
  4. 4 pieces of ram , each 256MB , dual-channel enabled but they are DDR1 , i guess they all go 200mhz . I know brand only for 2 - Geil , other 2 i do not know , as they came with box...

    Motherboard - Manufacturer ECS , Model 915-M5!

    I think i have budget for new system , however my mom says that this one will be fixed and stuff....

    You guys know thouse big box screens ? whell , im using one now , and my mom thinks its GOOD.... god i wish she knew something about technology!
    ( yeah im young , just 15 , yet understand quite alot )

    EDIT : Could you tell me , if this is fixable ?
  5. Ok, Message to Mom!!

    Your boy is going to be wasting money trying to salvage this system, With help from the Guys and Girls on Toms He can have a decently performing new set up for a reasonable outlay IE. not costing a fortune :P
    In my humble opinion it really isnt worth trying anything with the current one, I'm sorry but pc technology moves so fast 6months old items are almost obsolete,
    and basic systems nowadays will outperform most high-end Rigs from only a few years ago.
  6. i guess i forgot to mention that we are Latvian and her English is bad as hell , she once ( or even more times ) wanted me to teach her English ( i want to get 9 in my 9th grade exam :D )
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