Asrock 870 extreme3 vs asus 790x evo

hi guys im trying to put together my first build for gaming

im wondering whether or not to go for asrock 870 extreme3 because of its SATA 6gb/s and USB 3.0 future proofing?
or the Asus 790x evo which has everything that the asrock has except the sata 6gb/s and usb 3.0 or am i wrong? also heard asus board are more relieble in overclocking which i will do in the future and are better for unlocking cores but ive decided to go for phenom 955 than taking my chance at a 555 ot 560 unlocked all cores

i will be building my rig for gaming and school papers/research

what you guys think? which board will give me my best bang for buck for the next 3-5years
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  1. If you plan to use a single gpu then the gigabyte will be great. If you plan to ever cf then I would go with the asrock due to it having x8/x8 rather than the gigabytes x16/x4.
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