Connecting three monitors to hd5870 video card

I have two xfx HD 5870 in cross fire with three 24" monitors(1920 x 1200). Acrording to their web site I should be able to have the three displays work together to have the "eye-finity" aspect. When I try to select all three monitors, the "Catalyst Control Center" gives me the message "To extend the desktop,a desktop or display must be disabled". That message is received wether I "click on" the main display to "create group" or if I right like on the display and try to "extend" the third display. The monitors are connected to one card with two monitors connected to the two DVI ports and one monitor connected to the DP port. I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate, with 24 gigs of ram and the 3.33 gig Intel i7 Extreme processor. How do I get the three displays to work together?
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  1. To be clear, even if you haven't activated Eyefinity, are all three displays active and powered by your card?
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