Is there any problem with evga 295 gtx

I have a company wan to sell me this card as old stock, but I afraid to buy it

is there any problem with this card ? should I buy it or not ?
how much is the price for this card now ?

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  1. I have a good deal with the company please answer my questions , is it overheated in summer (I live in the very hot city) ? does it need a separate cooler ? minimum psu for it ? noise level ? any other problems ?

  2. To answer your question, yes it will be hot, and so will any other high end card you buy (especially a dual GPU rig). How much are you going to pay for this thing? Honestly anything over $350 I would think is too much considering that you could pay a little more and get a better/same single GPU and potentially crossfire it later. The 295 is a great card. It's power is still very competitive and it will stay competitive for some time. However, that said, it all depends on how much.
  3. ^^ $300 is that acceptable ? or should I wait for fermi ?

    how much psu I will need ? does it have high noise level as this important to me.

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    It is a good price yes. However, when Fermi comes out you can expect to feel a little bit obsolete. In the mean time however, I would say that is a good deal. And you don't have to worry about the PSU noise, the card will more than likely be louder than any PSU. Just look around a little before buying. By the way, what are your system specs? If you have a psu less than 700 watts (700 watts are required for the GTX295), and you don't play at higher than 1920x1080, then a $300 Radeon 5850 would be an excellent card. I know it is off topic, but you should consider the 5850. All aside, and again, yes. $300 is a good deal.
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  6. thanks alot I decided to wait for Fermi reviews , if nVidia did not do it this time I will go for ATI forever

    Many Thanks
  7. My gfx card is the evga GTX 295. Its a really good card but honestly i'd prefer a 5870 any day... I was just impatient
  8. thanks yannifb
  9. Whoa, Where can i buy it for 300$? Do you work for Nvidia or something?
  10. welliam said:
    thanks alot I decided to wait for Fermi reviews , if nVidia did not do it this time I will go for ATI forever

    Many Thanks

    hi there

    i currently have a 295 gtx and bought it for $400 when they were selling
    for $650 plus tax because a friend needed money very badly and i wanted
    the card very badly as well.i love the card but ,yes any ANY HIGH POWERED
    CARD,be it an ATI 4870 or 5850,nvidia 280,285 OR 295 GTX all get HOT !!!

    this is why they have huge coolers on them,this is why they also have large
    fans that can ramp up and slow down rpm(revolutions per minute) based
    on the heat produced,they also consume a lot of power but what you get
    in return is the ability to crank up everything at the maximum at the highest
    resolutions available.

    fermi cards wont be available for a while yet but any preliminary data ive
    viewed shows its going to beat the ati card pretty easily and they will have
    2 cards in the beginning,the 470 GTX,and the 480 GTX guessing $500 + $600
    but this is always based on supply ,demand,popularity,speed and availability.

    you probably cant go wrong with a 5850 or 5870 card but remember a 295 gtx
    is faster than both of these and at $300 its also cheaper so its win,win,win but
    no DX11 and NO eyefinity which needs the highest model card to perform well
    with large monitors and also a monitor with a display port output which will
    cost an undetermined amount of money to purchase,so theres a lot to think about
    but a 295 gtx at $300 is an amazing deal,please send any links you can to me so
    i can buy another one for quad sli as ill gladly buy another one.
  11. it is an old stock card also used for 3 months , this is why :)
  12. Glad I could help, and all the other posts have merit as well. It was a good choice to wait for Fermi. Personally I'm going to buy a second 5850 if the prices drop. Also, if you do wait for Fermi, and it is either too expensive or not as good as you thought (not saying it will or wont, just speculating) then a 5850 would serve you well. Right now it is the people's card, the affordable one with the killer punch. Anyway, I'm Glad I could help influence your decision. Good luck with the future :)
  13. thanks alot , yes 5850 will be my next choice only after I see Fermi reviews
  14. You should get the GTX 295 at that price. Beats the 5870 by a lot, can use 3D vision etc. I mean, I don't recomend Nvidia cards, but that's a great price.
  15. ^ Not by a lot, maybe by 5-10% (in select benchmarks), but by no means is it crushing it. Also, the 5850 will use nearly half the power with similar performance, maybe 25% less. The only reason I would buy Nvidia is if I had some extra money laying around (who does these days?) and wanted to do 3d vision gaming. Then and only then. Otherwise, DX11 and the promises of Fermi and ATi price drops far outweigh the 295's "equal" performance in some benchmarks.
  16. Ok, I recomend ATI at every reatil price point right now. But still, 300$ is a great deal.
  17. True, it is a great deal, but buying a 295 now is cutting it very close to the new Fermi launch. If you think about it though, if he doesn't have a 700w PSU then he is looking at another $100 for a new PSU, and then things get pricey, like 5870 pricey. I think avoiding dual GPUs whenever possible is always a good idea, unless you plan to eyefinity with the 5970 (pointless?)
  18. @thesupermedium
    you read my mind, I have to buy a new psu whether I get ATI or nvidia, I just afraid now that fermi price will be high
  19. What system are you running now? Or are you a new builder? If you are building up new, look into that 295 and see what you're after. Although I do currently own a 5850, and even though I haven't been the owner of a 295, reading up on it has dissuaded me. Most people who bought it within the last 6 months have been underwhelmed and disappointed (Newegg reviews, very useful). I got my 5850 for $309, but right now they are around $329 because of demand shifts. I highly recommend waiting for Fermi, and who knows? Maybe that company will call you back when it comes back saying "$250, no one is buying!"
  20. I would get it at 300$. And i think a lot of people would. ( Some guy on Tom's bought a GTX 285 for 400$+, when the 4870 x2 is 250$ and loads faster)

    Plus the 5850 is slower than the GTX 295, by a lot, and the only reson we all love it so much is cuase the GTX 295 is 600$.
    Why would he buy a 5850 when the GTX 295, a faster, better card, is the same price). Also, he could buy the 295, and get like enoguh for a 5870/5970 on ebay.
  21. Well I am saying he should wait for Fermi, and see where prices go. Plus, with a 500 watt PSU he could actually crossfire the 5850 and crush the 295. That would cost more, but who knows how much 5850s will be after Fermi? Maybe the same but who knows? You make some good points though. It's up to mdk, he is the one who will have to use the thing whichever he buys. $300 is a very good price, but the GTX 295 is going to show it's age soon when games start optimizing for DX11.
  22. Crossfire 5850s for him=600$.

    Gtx 295= 300$.

    Not worth it. If he doesn't want the GTX 295 at that price, he's crazy. He could always but it and sell it on Ebay, and then buy a 5970.
  23. @thesupermedium

    my current config
    i7 860
    4gb ram
    two sata h.d.d internal
    temp old gfx card (from a friend)
    No OC

    you said I can use a 500 w psu with two gpus 5850 ??? so my current psu 480w (hec ace power) would be enough for one fermi card OR one 5850 card or should I buy new psu??
  24. 480w would do fine with one 5850. The 5850 uses almost the same power as a 4850. two 5850s on a 500w is pushing it, but possible. You will need a psu upgrade for the gtx 295, however you won't for the 5850. You could possibly squeeze a 5870 into it, but that is risky. If you buy the 295, it will end up costing you $400 because of the PSU upgrade, but you would get better performance. However, Bob made some great points you should consider. The GTX 295 does perform better despite it's older age. Also $300 is a steal for a 295, but you have to ask yourself what you need it for. There's no point in spending $100 more for a better card if you don't need it.
  25. but, I guess fermi will need higher psu
  26. Yeh. Fermi's not gonna run on a 500w PSU. No way no how.

    Also the GTX 480 is gonna be 800$.

    Thats almost 3x times the cost of the GTX 295 (For you), and the GTX 480 will most likely be about the same as the GTX 295 in preformance.

    Also, at 300$, you're 3 options are the 4870X2, the GTX 295, and the 5850.

    The GTX 295 is faster than the 5850 by a very large margin, and a bit faster than a 4870X2.

    The GTX 295 does not support DX11, but so far there are only a few (crappy) DX 11 games and Dx 11 is nonfactor.

    The 5850 supports Eyefinity.

    The GTX 295 supports 3D vision. (Also, PhysX, but that=fail)

    You are best of the the GTX 295 for it's awesome power. Nothing at 300$ can beat it. Since DX 11+Eyefinty=3D vision+PhysX (about), as far as usefullness/value goes, the GTX 295 is the best choice due to it's speed. Also, if you want to sell it later Ebay price is very high, amost the same as a 5970. In fact, you can but it now, and sell it on Ebay and make cash.
  27. @builderbobftw thanks alot for valuable advice , but is the price of $800 is correct ?? what is your sources please
  28. The price the OP (you) stated was 300$. At the reatil price of 800$, It's a terrible buy, and i would never recomend it to anyone.
  29. builderbobftw what !! I meant how did you know that fermi will cost $800 !! give me a link or any prove please.
  30. Friends I just got these prices from the facebook, of course these prices are not sure

    - GTX 470 cost $349
    - GTX 480 cost $499
  31. That would be to good to be true...

    Did that come of the Nvidia fb page?
  32. Bob is right, but I again stress that you will need a new PSU with the 295. Here are some that you would be considering:

    Ignore the cheap ones. With that type of hardware you are running, it is best to go with at least a bronze certification and a trustworthy brand/warranty. This will cost you AT LEAST $100, and possibly as high as $150 if you go into the expensive range. With a (480w?) psu you could maybe squeeze by with a 5870, but it's a push, and dangerous. What I'm saying is... you could buy a 5870 for the price of the 295 and a new psu, which get's the same performance roughly, yet lacks DX11. Plus the 5870 will fly in eyefinity.
  33. And there are yet NO confirmed prices of Fermi. I don't trust any prices as people were saying the 5870 was going to need it's own AC plug and was going to be $700. Obviously it's $500 and uses less power than a 4890!
  34. Pure win psu. Corsiar=Win. Also, the GTx 295 doesn't usemuch power, less than a 4870X2 anyways. 600W should be fine....
  35. Says on their website minimum 700w... And that is quite a pricey PSU.
  36. yes my friends , Corsiar is the best PSU thanks
  37. Worth every penny.
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