Corsair force series 3

I bought a corsair force series 3 60 gb ssd. i want information about setting it up. i have a 500 gb seasgate hdd. what should i do?install os on the hdd and games on the ssd?will the games perform better?
+ tell me step by step how do i update my ssd to latest firmware :)

my rig:
intel i5 2500
gtx 560 ti
asus p8h61-M LX
silverstone strider 500w
500 gb seagate + corsair force series 3 60 gb
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  1. Personally I'd install Windows and only the apps/games you use regularly. The whole reason for an SSD is to make your system faster; your OS makes up most of that experience.
    I have W7, office, and Civ5 (<-don't laugh please :) ) on my SSD and everything else on spindle drives.

    As for FW upgrade: the best instructions I can offer exist here:
  2. First, a 60 gig SSD is only about 50 gigs of Usable space so must monitor free space - do NOT go over 90% used.

    For installing windows 7:
    1) Disconnect HDD, and connect SSD.
    2) Enter BIOS and verify, or Change, to AHCI
    3) Install windows 7 on SSD.
    4) Set Boot priority to SSD in Bios
    5) reconnect HDD NOTE untill you delete the OS from the HDD you should be able to boot to either the SSD or the HDD.

    After windows is installed.
    .. Disable Hibernation (saves An amount of Disk space equal to your ram, about 4 gigs.
    .. Mange your Page file (Vircual memory). Set Min and max to same value, try 1024 mb. In a pinch, with only a small performance hit, this can be moved to the HDD.
    .. Disable Restore points, or as a minium limit the Disk space. This "folder" can grow to a large size over time.
    .. Move My Documents folder to HDD.
    .. Set Internet temp files and downloads to HDD

    After windows is installed, windows updates completed, drivers and programs loaded verify all is working good - then activate - and USE Windows backup to perform an image of your SSD (located in control Panel!! at any time and for what ever reason you will be able to restore your system to this state in 10 to 15 Min.
    NO re-install OS, No wait to download and install windows updates, no reload drivers and programs. Just pop in a windows Installation disk (or use the "restore disk" that once the image is completed you will be prompted to make). Just select repair, restore from image and 10 min later you boot to the exact same state as when you created the image.
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