7.2 (X540 5.1 and Lansing 2.1)... yay or ney?

Hi guys. I recently upgraded my PC audio. I bought the Logitech X-540 5.1 surround system and an AuzentTech Bravura 7.1 sound card. Sounds really great. But, I have my old 2.1 Altec Lansing speakers sitting around... Well, I decided to plug them in to the front R/L and use the X540's R/L for sides, effectively making a 7.2 sound set up. So far it does sound pretty good. I noticed with the fronts set to full range the sub gets distorted fairly easy at mildly loud volume so I've begun fooling around with settings. It appears to work pretty well if I set a feature in the AuzenTech's control panel to set the sub crossover at 65hz and to just leave the fronts as small type instead of full range.

Anyway it does sound decent but now the fronts are powered and the satelites/sub are powered so I have 2 volume knobs although it works fairly well to just use the volume control in windows. I noticed last night however after turning the PC off, the older 2.1s have a buzz after the PC is off while the X540s do not. When the PC is on tho it seems pretty clean. Still, this is definitely a sign of their age (something like 2 or 2.5 yrs).

The Altec's are basically these http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/altec-lansing-2-1-speaker-system-vs4121blk/10093051.aspx?path=be288af7405e8864d93b674425f68875en02

My main concern I guess is degraded sound quality with older speakers that may or may not be dying, as well as having 2 subs (albeit with a crossover) cancelling or mudling the bass. Like I said tho... now that I've tweaked it with the sub crossover it seems better, but I had hoped to have more bass with the larger sub on the 2.1 speakers since the X540s only have a 5.25" sub although it does sound nice and bassy just not particularily loud. And also now that I've heard true 7.1 sound in movies and gaming... it's way better than 5.1. Seriously.

NOTE to mods: I am reposting this from the Audio forum as there is an extremely low viewing there and I'd like some actual feedback so if you want to delete one, delete the one in audio. Sorry =/
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  1. with those, speakers i think its quite hard to get rid of distortion.

    anyway, if you are happy with your setup, keep it, if not you may as well keep tweaking it. ill put the spekaer that distorts easily, at the back, as many signals that goes to the surrounds are just background infomations and ambiences.
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