Upgrading CPU?

I can get a 940 for a really good price. I have the m2n32 mb and I only want to upgrade the cpu. I know I can do up to the 965 but the price is really good on the 940. I am using the x2 6000+ right now. Temps are 25C idle, 40C load.

What would I see the most benefit from: Overclocking current cpu, or the 940?

I do alot of gaming but my framerates aren't bad or anything. Alot of things I use don't take advantage of more than 2 cores(and likely won't).

Is the single core performance much better on the 940 compared to the 6000? What if I just overclocked the 6000, would it come close to the single core, or multi core perfomance of the 940?
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  2. It is about 100$ cdn. I think I'll go for it since some things will use more cores soon like games even if they don't always use them now. I do occasional video editing so I'm sure it will help out there.
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