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I have a Western Digital external 1tb drive that stopped being recognized. My computer got hit with a virus. I installed windows 7 on another hard drive i had. Now when i go to my computer, the drive that stopped being recognized is no longer there, and it's not in disk management either. Since it's an external drive, I called drivesavers they told me it would be a minimum 700 bucks to get the data off it. So I took the law into my own hands and took it out of the enclosure it was in, it's a western digital my essentials drive.I know i voided my warranty but I don't care, i just need the data. I connected it to a device that allows me to connect it by usb to my computer, so now it is in device manager and in the bios when i boot the computer up,
and also in disk management but it reads as "unallocated space". I made 15gb of it a "simple volume" because thats one of the choices I had, and I picked MBR instead of gpt. What i want to do is install an os onto the 15gb and then boot to it, and then hopefully I can recover the data from the drive after that happens..but when i try to format the 15gb then it doesn't work. Right now it's in RAW format. Not all of the 1tb drive, just the 15gb. Any suggestions on getting my data? The drive is not clicking at all...it seems like it's working fine physically.
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  1. did u install all your drivers pr0perly, maybe missing chipset driver which would result in it not picking up usb devices?

    or auto run off?

    right click on my computer select manage and click device manager. do you see any yellow question marks?
  2. For data recover, do not install, create partition, format on the drive. You might have just overwrite some of your data and make the rest un-accessible.
  3. Randini, all drivers are installed properly, there are no yellow exclamations marks in device manager...the drive is listed there and when I go to it, it says it is working properly. rgd101..I hear you but I was/am pretty desperate. I am running some data recovery software on it, have been running it since about 7am today and so far nothing :( not even 1 file listed. The only way I can even do this is because I took it out of the western digital casing.
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