Black Screen after Windows XP splash, AMD/ATI APU

New build:
Asus F2A85 M
AMD A8 Trinity APU

Fresh install of Windows XP (sp3 and all updates). Monitor goes black after Windows logo after I installed Catalyst Drivers. Tried several installs and reinstalls of CCC and the display drivers. Also did a couple fresh installs of XP on both new Crucial SSD and older WD 250GB hard drive. Same issues each time. I cannot get a display after graphics driver install.
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  1. Do an F5, during boot-up, and choose "safe mode with command prompt". Logon, then run a command prompt, and fire-up the eventviewer:
    Expand the Windows System log, and see if you see any "critical" events--errors.
  2. Error DCOM 'this service cannot be started in safe mode'
    Error The following boot-start or system-start drivers failed to load
    AFD, Fips, IPsec, MrxSmb, NetBIOS, NetB, Processor, RasAcd, RDbss, Tcpip

    a few others regarding TCP/IP, Net Bios, DHCP
  3. Actually...looks like a bad stick of RAM

    what a noob

    Thanks anyways
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