Adding a PCI Videocard to existing PCI-E

Hello Everyone:

I recently built my first PC which consists of a GIGABYTE GA-770T-USB3 AM3 motherboard and SAPPHIRE 100287VGAL Radeon HD 5670 PCI-E graphics card. I emailed Gigabtye tech support about adding a PCI videocard to my already installed PCI-E card primarily for TV-Out features as I have grown fond of this feature using my old ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AIW card. They
said this would work keeping in mind the card would have to be PCI 2.2 compliant.

My question is: has anyone successfully done this? I am looking to add an inexpensive PCI card which has a video/s-video output to connect to my aging CRT television. I don't want to order a card from Newegg for example, find out it doesn't work properly with my existing configuration and deal with the hassle of returning it.

Please keep in mind buying a new television with HDMI or DVI inputs is not an option right now. Replacing my newly purchased PCI-E card with another that has TV-Out features is not an option. I recently purchased and sent back a "video converter" that works from the VGA output and splits the signal out to the TV. The results were very poor.

Thank you to those stopping to read and respond to my question.
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  1. Ok easiest way when i had my CRT was using hte second monoitor output on the card and convert the VGA to some other output, Scart was piss poor quality, but there was one that resulted nice i think...

    I know you said you've tried this, but the reason i say this is I have tried to work a PCI, and PCI-E card together before on a work system... and i was thinking this shouldnt work as ther drivers on the system surly will conflict... needless to say after a lot of trail and error i gave up as it would only run one or the other :S

    I wish i could off some light, maybe someone else has done this though!
  2. Yes, I'm thinking the same way about having 2 video cards installed at the same time. They must surely conflict with one another - one or the other will work but not both. I was surprised when I received a reply from Gigabytes tech support team saying it was possible. Figured I'd ask around and talk to people with some experience on the matter before I make a decision.
  3. Yeh the funny thing is about 3 years ago my boss brought a pc sold to him that could run two monitors , i thought ok ita have a single card with 2 ports in, as thats prety standerd these days.

    Got it and the company had put one in there with one port and aims of using the onboard graphics card as the second out put! , i scratched my head as i had never heard of doing this, and it just didnt work. As it was a brought system we got htem out to piss about with it, but they couldnt get it to work after 4 call outs (suprise suprise) and gave us an upgraded gfx card with 2 outputs.

    Yeh i mean i'd love to hear if there is a way just for the knowledge point of view, but I've never been able to get it to work due to conflicts of the two. Like you said one will always work but geting them to "co-op" together I'm not sure about.
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