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I am in the market for a new case as it was the only part other than my keyboard that i didn't replace on my last build. my problem is i keep finding lian li cases i like only to find they aren't big enough to hold the new graphics cards from ati. they do seem to hold the fermi's, but ati seems to have the advantage right now.

anyway, i'd like the lian li 888 the most and recently fell in love with the x900, though i can't find anywhere to buy it.

What are the rest of you doing about cases and the large new graphics cards?

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  1. Personally, I am looking at buying either the Coolermaster Haf 932, Antec 1200, or the Coolermaster Sniper Storm.
  2. 10% off cases this weekend at newegg. the lian li x900 in silver is on its way to my house!
  3. No need for 2 threads with 1 subject,follow your thread here
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