Vid card dying looking to upgrade

I live in Australia an I am currently running the following

Core2 E6600 OC @ 2.85GHz (can go to 3Ghz At least, but it hot here and to be safe)
kingston DDR2 1066 RAM 4x1G CL5 KHX8500D2K4/4G @ 5-5-5-15 950MHz (Note due to MB dont think I can run much higher only got it as it was dirt cheap)
Silverstone 650W

The Problem is the 8800 GTX might be on the way out (which I will be looking into)
Now I am thinking that if the card is failing I will not only replace it I might also
upgrade the CPU as well.

Firstly my current MB is unable to support the newer Quad cores due to a massive Clock up
by Nvidia and incompatibilities between the chipset and the architecture difference in the
newer Intel Core 2 Quads, so the upper limit is the E8600 for this MB. But would it be more
cost effective to get a e8400 over the 85 or 86?

And Secondly what card would be the most suitable for the E8400 on a system such as this that
would hopefully be a significant enough improvement over the 8800 GTX.

And yes this is primarily a Gaming rig

Feel Free to comment on the Current setup as is (except for the RAM) 2+ years old now and am interested in what
people think of my choices back then. Especially with using the OCed E6600 with 8800GTX.
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  1. I would get a E8400 and OCing to 3.8

    Also if you have a rez of 1680x1050 a HD 5770 or HD 5850 if your rez is 1920x1080 HD 5850 or HD 5870

    hope this helps
  2. I'm not sure if I'd be happy going to another dual, but it looks like it's your only choice.

    Doing some googling, it looks like your board does support quads, but I'm sure you have done more research than I have.

    I had an ASUS P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe, which ran on nForce4, which does not support quads or 45nm chips, I sold it and bought a used board for the same price. I basically sacrificed my SLI support for a 1600mhz FSB and quad support.

    It is more effective to grab an E8400 and clock it up to ~4 than buying an 85 or 86.
  3. The older quads are supported e.g. the q6600 & q6700 but I don't use too many quad core optimized apps or games and the older ones are damn hard to find.
  4. elfalot said:
    Firstly my current MB is unable to support the newer Quad cores due to a massive Clock up by Nvidia ...

    This one wasn't solely nVidia's fault. They did what everyone else did. They tested their 680i chipset with preproduction Yorkfields and the chipset passed. So they announced compatibilty.

    In the mean time, Intel wanted access to their SLI technolgy and nVidia refused. Intel retaliated by making production Yorkies just incompatible enough to the 680i that a BIOS update couldn't fix the problem. The 780i chipset is just a 680i with this problem fixed.

    This is also why you do not see P45's with SLI.
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