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Ok so i have a Belkin Wireless router and it has being with me for atleast 3-4yrs. Here is the situation, i p2p from time to time by using uTorrent but i also play games online like AION, WOW and others, i cant do both at the same time, the speeds drops drastically, however most of the time the internet drops all together, meaning im force to either restart the router or click on the network and repairing it through that. Its funny how when i go to 192.168.2.x it shows online (connected) but still has no internet so im force to do those steps to get it back on.

What i want now is a better router, one that i can be P2P (utorrent) while surfing the net or playing games online and not feeling the drastic change of spees. I have Comcast 12mb dl- 2mb upload (the highest) which is fast when im doing on thing at a time. So does anyone have any suggestion, as i said it has to be wireless becuase my wife uses the internet from the other room but when i am P2P noone else can unless i shut down utorrent.

Any suggestions?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64x in case you guys need to know.
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  1. Utorrent will take as much of your bandwidth as it can get so unless you are limi=ting the bandwidth it uses properly in the settings no matter what router you use you will run into the same trouble !! - be sure to set the maximum upload speed to around 60% of your capacity otherwise you will get slow download speeds and will not be able to do other things while it is running (since the download also requires packets to be sent to verify receipt of the packet and also requests for the next packets from each of your connections which requires using some upload bandwidth ) having it set for unlimited upload will severly reduce the download speed because it will saturate the upward bandwidth causing the download to stall since it can not effectively communicate with the other systems and it will also cause your browsing to run very slow as well since the upload bandwidth is saturated (the P2P program is set to maximize all available bandwidth if you do not limit it in the settings even though that will slow down your end of the connection !!)
  2. wow thats actually a great answer, wow really thanks, ill take that to consideration, any good suggestion in how precisely to set utorrent? man that will help me alot
  3. Here is a guide to suggested settings just find your connection speed using a site like Speedtest and then use the results to see about where to set your upload limit (I use 60% instead of the 80% they suggest just to ensure a bit more headroom for my usage ) - but this is a decent guide. You'll also see better download speeds by setting thi properly as well as being able to use your internet connection while using the P2P still !
  4. hey JDFan

    Sorry for the late respond. It is true, my download speed change drastically. I still can not believe that a simple change of number between upload to nearly 0 will give me such boost, heck now i finnally see my download capabilty from Comcast, and i am able to surf the net with no problem. I still cant play games online while P2P, heck for some reason now after 3hours or nearly 3 hours of download i lose my getway within my connection. So since i am using Windows 7 i will righ click on the network connectiong, click on troubleshoot and fixes it. But what can i do to stop losing my Getway? why am i losing my getway?
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