Replacement psu for apparently dead Orion 900

Sadly, I did not do my homework on power supplies when purchasing a system from Vigor last October, and took their Orion 900 power supply. Today (6/2/2010), the system fails to start and I'm not getting power to any hardware (case fans, DVD, even the fan on the power supply itself is not working). I checked the power cord and it's fine, so my guess is that it is the psu. Researching the rep of the Orion psu, it definitely seems that it is a low quality component.

I have two GeForce 275's on an Asus P6T motherboard, in a fairly large case (Vigor gaming Deltaforce-T7 system case).

I would like to simply replace the Orion 900 psu with a comparable, but superior quality psu. One recommendation I found on-line was the Corsair 850TX ( Would this be a recommended replacement that should be fine with my other components? Is there anything I should be concerned about in purchasing a new psu? Thanks.

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  1. Corsair is a quality psu maker, If you are willing to spend the money and invest in this psu, I say go for it!
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    First, get a handle on your sizing requirements by letting this do the math for you:

    Go here to pick one:

    Also check

    use this to test it

    here's some data I compiled a few months back:

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at / prices as per newegg on 02/21/2010 and ones w/ double asterisks (**) made it onto's Editor's Choice List meaning they excelled at both electronic and acoustic performance:

    850 watters

    Antec SG-850 - 10.0 ($220) **
    Antec CP-850 - 10.0 ($110) **
    XFX 850W Black Edition 10.0 ($185)
    Corsair HX850 850W - 10.0 ($180)

    Antec TruePower Quattro (TPQ-850) - 9.5 ($150)
    Corsair TX850 - 9.5 ($140)
    Seasonic M12D 850W - 9.5 (NLA) **
    NorthQ Giant Connector 850W - 9.5 (NFS)
    Etasis ET850 - 9.5 (NLA)
    Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF - 9.5 (NLA)

    Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W - 9.0 ($250)

    650 watters

    Note: Just because you see a brand name on this list, never make the assumption that their other lines are of matching quality. Silverstone for example has other models w/ 6.0 and 7.0 ratings.

    Antec Signature 650W (10.0) OOS **
    Seasonic X-650 650W (10.0) $160 **
    Silverstone Olympia OP650 (10.0) NFS

    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W (9.5) NLA

    Antec Earthwatts EA650 650W (9.0) $75

    Antec True Power Trio 650W (7.5) NLA

    XFX XPS 650W XXX Edition Power Supply (7.0) NFS

    Antec NeoPower Blue 650W (6.5) NLA

    BFG BFGR650PSU 650W (6.0) NLA

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W PSU (5.0) NFS

    NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available / OOS - Out of Stock

    Thrmaltake Toughpower XT 850W - 8.5 ($216)
    OCZ Z Series 850W - 8.5 ($200)

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 850W - 8.0 (NFS)
    Coolmax CTG-850 - 8.0 (NFS)

    SilverStone Decathlon DA850 - 7.5 ($230)
    Enermax Galaxy DXX 850W EGX850EWL - 7.5 (NFS)

    SilverStone Strider ST85F - 7.0

    Silverstone Element ST85EF 850W - 6.0

    NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available
  3. Thanks! Looks like I have some more homework to do, though I'm happy to see that the Corsair is a listed as a preferred option - given that it was explicitly mentioned as replacing the Orion 900.

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