How I know if my psu send correct volts

is there any way to know if my PSU is supplying enough power to my hard drives ? I have a hard drive that sometimes failed to power up

my psu is cooler master 850w

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  1. Get a DMM and check the voltage

    You can download a free program called HDSentinel that will let you know if it's your hard drive
  2. Download OCCT and run the tests ... look at the graphs when done to look for any voltage anomalies.
  3. @delluser1 will try soon as I am doing backup now

    @ JackNaylorPE I dont have a pro cooler so the test stopped after 1 min but I uploaded the pictures here

    can you tell if every thing is normal ?
  4. @delluser1 I run the software now

    - it read 45 degree for temperature is high , is that true ?

    - what is the acoustic configuration ?
  5. welliam said:
    @delluser1 I run the software now

    - it read 45 degree for temperature is high , is that true ?

    - what is the acoustic configuration ?

    45º is warm, not much airflow in your case ? One of my test stations consists of an acrylic cube case with no airflow in the HD chamber, the drive hits 48º
    The acoustic performance equates to the rotational speed of the platter, faster rotation>higher performance>more noise.
    What was the health status of the drive ?

    Which OCCT test did you run ? Even without an aftermarket cooler it shouldn't stop in a minute ?
  6. - I run the psu test from OCCT

    - my hdd is always 45º , I left the side open and still that degree, need a fan ? or passive cooler ? (I have a passive cooler but dont know how it will install on the hdd)
  7. I bought the DMM and it read 12.3 and 5.1 in the old power cable but I could not measure out the SATA cable as I DMM pin can not be inside the cable , should I measure all cables ? if so how I can measure the SATA cables ?

    looking for your replay
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  10. that is great, many thanks for your replay will test and tell you the result soon

    my pc is i7860, 4 gb ram and it is kind slow, I have 1 ter black wd and 2 tera green and I was using AHCI for my hard drives but it seems it make my hard drives slower !!, so I disable it in the bios

    but still experience some some slow and system hangup for few seconds until it respond again !! it seems my black hard drive can work well with my processor ?
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