4.5 ghz on my new 3750K?

Looking for stable overclock settings for 4.5 to 4.6 ghz.
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  1. Need recommended voltage and multiplier settings.
  2. Each 3570k is a little different, so we can't just give you exact settings. You need to overclock incrementally to find the settings that work for your specific unit.
  3. I'm at 4.3 with just multiplier change , but my brother claims i need to up the voltage to get to 4.5.Is this true?
  4. only way to see that is by trying
  5. I am running 1.28V with a stable 4.5ghz. I will be trying to lower the voltage further the next time I actually get some free time.
  6. I got mine to 4.5 with a multiplier change then backed it down to 4.3 and left it there. I got blue screen at 4.6
  7. When I used to have mine at 4.5Ghz it took a 1.300 Vcore voltage. Some people may need a little less. But YES, you will have to raise your voltage to get to 4.5Ghz unless you have the best chip Intel every built. And if you go higher than that you'll need even more. For instance, I have mine at 4.7Ghz@1.380Vcore and that's a lot more than the 1.300 it takes for 4.5Ghz.

    And just cause you run prime95 does not mean your stable so be careful about that. I can run my CPU at 4.7Ghz with only 1.280 Vcore and get through prime95 for a little while but as soon as I run prime95 AND a game, it crashes. So to test overclocks I recommend running Intel Burn In Test for starters along with COre TEmp for temps and while your doing that, play a game. That's the only way I know for sure I am stable. Also check if you have any WHEA errors in event viewer. Because I dought you are fully stable at 4.3Ghz with no voltage increases whatsoever.
  8. Are you even testing for stability at all? That is a MUST. You must run Intel Burn In Test to test stability or your doing absolutely nothing right now by trying to overclock.
  9. I had mine at 4.3ghz fully stable with no voltage bump. If I went to 4.4ghz without an increase in voltage, it would lock up. I guess I got lucky :D
  10. Are you running any stability tests though?
  11. Prime and OCCT. And then I ran BF3 for a bunch of hours.
  12. just set it at 1.37v at 4.5ghz.. because last time i used this settings on my i5 2500K, it runs stable. Yea, some might argue the OC methods are different between SB and IB, but hey, it's still legit...
  13. Just lowered my voltage to 1.23, OCCT tested, and played games for a few hours last night. Nice and stable!
  14. Sweet.
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