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Is there a stable storage software at a good price point that is VMware 5.0 certified and preferably other than MS?
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  1. Can you please elaborate what you mean by storage software? (Backup, dedupe, etc)

    For what it's worth, VMWare's Compatibility Lists are found here:
  2. A backup and recovery/disaster recovery product
  3. Sorry, should have asked this first time around.
    What is your scope;
    - How many physical and virtual servers are we talking about?
    - Multiple or single sites?
    - Are all VMs MSFT based?
    - DAS/SAN based?

    Symantec's Backup Exec with the Virtualization plug-in is a good all around (but not the cheapest out there). Would cover almost all bases though...

    Answer as much of the above as you can and I'll see if there's something cheaper/better...
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