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How would the human brain rank if compared to CPU's? Though the technology is far due to ethnics committees and slow research, perhaps one day some abysmal diabolical Nazi equivalent combined doctor, biomedical engineer, computer science super genius would be discovered with these researches.
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  1. huh? been watching too many films lately?
  2. We're above all CPUs. Humans created CPUs :D

    Calculation wise, we're probably a Intel-486?
  3. So the actual limitations of the CPU is our brain? How could we progress any further?
  4. Add a few more cores to our brains to think better. Then we could probably add a few more cores to the CPU to process better.
  5. Add a few more cores to our brains and we'll no longer think with emotion.... that can lead somewhere. Can CPU's nowadays calculate complex algorithms to simulate emotions, specifically common sense?
  6. Well, that's exactly what I've been trying to point out. CPUs of today are too weak to process complex algorithms to simulate emotions. Back to my original idea of adding cores to our brains, we may be able to enable CPUs to process what you've mentioned.
  7. The human brain is akin to a huge neural network, and is analog in nature, not digital. So it can process complex information quickly but also inaccurately and/or imprecisely, compared to an ordinary personal computer.
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