Motherboard odd stability issue

Here's my issue. I have an ASRock P55 Pro that I have been running for over 8 months. I started to experience a weird issue. When I would go to turn on the machine the MB would not post and the hard drive access light would remain constant. Then I would turn it off for like 10 seconds and it would run just fine with no issues. As long as I would keep the machine on it was fine. I suspected a power supply issue so I bought a new Coolermaster 750w power supply. Now the machine boots just fine and actually I notice a difference with the new power supply. Before the screen was dimmer and now it's like real bright, not to mention the board always posts!

Now I have a new problem. Sometimes when I turn it on from a cold boot it will boot to windows desktop just fine but when I try to run a program like my browser to just reboots. Then when it reboots it works just fine with no issues. I figured that I would test the CPU and memory load so I have been running Prime95 for the last hour with no errors. My CPU temps are running around 60c and it has been running stable. I am not running overclocked, just stock with turbo kicked in and it is running a 2.8 ghz. Everything is set to auto with speedstep on.

Could my other bad PSU have damaged my MB or do you think it could have been a problem on both ends. I don't think it is a driver issue because it only happens the first time I cold boot in to windows and then after restarting the system runs 100% stable! This is weird!

I was also thinking that with everything set to auto, the voltages are dynamically moving and causing a stability issue when I turn it on. Here is the only problem I have doing manual settings on the board is that I am not an OC guy and wouldn't know what to set manually or how to set it.

Any ideas? If you think I should get a new MB, what is the best mid-range board?
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  1. Ok, I quit runninf prime 95 after 2 hours with no fail. I ran burntest by passmark and no errors. Now back to Prime95 and I am even running other stuff at the same time and still no errors. Systems seems to be running stable.

    Now if I turn it off for like 30 minutes and cold boot it I get a reboot which I assume is a BSOD. I heard Windows 7 come with a default setting not to show BSOD.

    Hmmm...Any ideas folks?
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