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Hi I was looking around for a built that might look like something I want but I cant find something that calls out to me, I used to visit a website where they had many builds by price range and the guy would update the price range to include new hardware that has decrease and will work better for the price range. However, I forgot the name of the website and I haven't been able to find it. I was looking around and after many searches this website looks like the best place to get advise.

so this is whats on my mind, I am not too good at this so any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

BUDGET RANGE:$900-$1100

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, video editing, Internet.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: I was looking at Intel core i7 and Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe

OVERCLOCKING:mmm idk what that is, so no.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Whats the difference?

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1440x900, 1920x1080) I have a 22" monitor and a 32" 1080p Tv that I use as a second monitor when I need dual screen.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet PC, something that wont burn quick because I will spend most of my time using it. it will only rest most likely on weekends.
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    Here is a sample config...

    As for your questions -
    SLI - It is a Nvidia specific name for a technology that enables to run 2 similar video cards together to gain more performance
    Crossfire - ATI specific name for the same...

    2. Overclocking - It is increasing the clock speed of the CPU...

    And I dont think you would need the ASUS Deluxe board...Instead save money and get the ASUS PRO...and also you can go Crossfire with this PC as the PSU has enough power to handle 2x HD 5850s and also the mobo supports Crossfire...

    1. CPU + Mobo
    i7 860 + ASUS P7P55D-E PRO

    2. RAM -
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    3. HDD -
    Samsung F3 1TB

    4. Graphics card
    HD 5850 - Assuming you would like to game at 1080p, the HD 5850 will better suit...

    5. CASE + PSU
    Antec 300 Illusion + Antec EA 750W

    Total - $1109
  2. Alright thanks for the reply,looks good if no one debates this configuration I will buy by the weekend.
  3. I am a video editor ... that looks exactly perfect, to me. Pull the lever!!
  4. You might want an optical drive ... Samsung ... $26
  5. Awesome thanks for the input my last pc burned from so much rendering, but I knew it was coming as just couldn't stop myself from putting so much load on such a low end pc.
  6. amen to that !
  7. Hey im about to order this config but I see the SAPPHIRE 100282-3SR Radeon HD 5850 has a lot of bad reputation is there something better I can go with?
  8. Well,
    I did a search on ALL 5850 1GB GDDR3 cards at egg and I sorted by best rated and by most ratings ... This card came to the top, in both cases.
  9. X( a 40 dollar jump ... aw man..will this one work with the motherboard no problem?
  10. Well I placed the order Ill find out when it gets here, thanks for the help guys.
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  12. chiconerd said:
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  13. You will be very happy.
  14. =( when I placed the order they ran out of SAPPHIRE 100282SR Radeon HD 5850, now I still need a graphic card.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply, im thinking of going with GIGABYTE, is this one nay better compared to the one you linked me to?
  16. just a different cooler which blows hot air into the case but not too much of a problem since you got a good case
  17. Thanks I actually took sometime to read some of the specs =] .. the one I pick dont have OpenGL and thats something I am going to need for some of my programs to run faster..
    I go with your recommendation, thanks.
  18. Hey guys got everything today and I am ready to start building thanks for all the help =]
  20. . . . . . . . . . . G . O . O . D . . . L . U . C . K . ! . ! . !

    . [:thegreatgrapeape:2] . [:thegreatgrapeape:2] . :o . [:thegreatgrapeape:2] . [:thegreatgrapeape:2]

    = Al =
  21. even with those two guides I can;t get any picture from my video.. everything seens to be running fine.. I even see the fan of the card spinning im just not getting any video output.. I try used HDMI and other connection types and nothing..
  22. did you buy and install a graphics card ??

    if so ... try plugging your mon into that.
  23. I did try pluging in my monitor and my hdtv and nothing.. something I notice is that the memOK is lit.. I try holding it as indicated in the manual but it blinks many times and it goes back to steady light.
  24. Well if you got the 5850, then it is likely not fully seated ... it is a real bugger to get that card seated fully and properly ... that or one of your RAM modules is not seated ... both GPU and RAM takes more force (straight down) than one would expect.

    Pull out the GPU And all ram except one stick ... note any changes.

    = Al =
  25. I did a reset on my mother as indicated in the manual and now the memOK is not lit anymore but sill no picture. I will try forcing the GPU a lil more.
  26. naw ... pull it all the way out ... then test stuff ... then ...

    ... Line that GPU up in the left/top most slot (looking at rear) ... the slot near the CPU ... This is the 16X slot and you need to line it up and get your shoulders directly over the card and "LEAN" straight down ... It should "snap home" (but not in half, plese).

    = Al = HARD !
  27. :sweat: Im sweating bullets pressing down on that thing I think if I press any harder it is going to snap.. :cry: why cant things just work...... :D but anyways the fun do run and when I move it out of place the fan stops so it is in there it just wont show anything and I have no way to check with another computer.. :pfff:
  28. :S I found an old pci card I had and I tried it and its not working neither.... could it be the motherboard?
  29. :( please someone tell me I am right, if there is something wrong with the CPU the computer shouldn't be running right? I took the CPU out and it looks like some pins are missing maybe thats how it should look? I put a square around the parts that is missing pins..
  30. Cripes ! ... I have no idea how that socket is "keyed" ... any eggsperts ???
  31. Yeah is the mobo I just found a picture of how the pins should look and I do have at least 3 pins missing, it says that I can return the item within the 30 days of the invoice to maybe that means I can get a new one.. well thanks for the help Alvin you are awesome..

  32. Man! ... that is about the most perfect pic I ever saw, here.

    Is this *YOUR* (personal/individual) board or just a stock pic ?

    = Al =
  33. Stock! I searched for the heights quality that way I could be sure I am returning the right item..
  34. Kwap !

    This is the one situation we all hate and dread ... I would almost be willing to absolutely swear it can be recovered but ... from out here ... nothing but to "cling to the doc" and have faith.

    DOA mobos happen ... CPUs too ... but it really is a very rare thing. .. GPUs, too.

    Bad PSU ?? Yes ... Seen a lot of that and bad PSU can seem/impersonate many other faults.

    If you have any friends who can keep company ... techies ... have them over.

    Do you think there are broken pins ?? Did you use a magnifying glass ?

    = Al =
  35. ^+1
    @chiconerd not able to see the pic of the CPU with missing pins...
    Here is a good PIC showing the i7 860's pin arrangement...
    And do cross check it once more...try and isolate the problem...
  36. @gkay09 the processor is alright I dont see nothing out of place.. is the mobo that I see pins that are missing and a couple of them are bent.. you can actually see an opening between the pins, compared to the photo I posted.
  37. Well, then .. DON'T screw up the CPU ... RMA the mobo ... Go for overnight if poss ... Let's get this thing built !

    = Al =
  38. Oh I thought the CPU had missing pins...hmm...Then like Alvin said dont try anything with the CPU and the mobo...RMA it...
  39. I just put it on nextDay Air cost me a leg :cry: ... Well at least I still got both my arms :sol:
  40. It's worth it to keep your momentum ... Sure hope this "does it" ! !

    = fingers crossed = eyes too ! . :ouch:
  41. =( I think I am the unluckiest guy ever, after waiting over a week for my replacement, this time the motherboard has no missing pins, but the CPU_LED stays red and I cant find what the problem is I try to follow all the steps listed in the problems page.. :(
  42. UPdate

    I did a reset to the motherboard and now the steady red LED is gone, but still no output from the video cards... .......................
  43. ^ Hi, really bad to hear that...did you try all of the steps in that checklist ?
  44. I paid someone to check my motherboard and CPU and it turns out that my CPU was DOA.. what luck do I have? I talked to newegg and told them how angry I was and they sent me a replacement over night..
    Now everything is working fine =].... but I am trying to use my old hard drive and is not doing anything. I searched is because of the drivers so now I wondering how will I ever get this to work..
  45. ^ Ohh my...frankly that is the 1st time I am hearing a CPU DOA...
    And happy to hear its working now...
  46. Yeah I guess I got the worse luck ever...
  47. Hey, I came across a little bit of extra money and I want to add a few more parts to my built if you could help me that would be great..

    What I need is a mouse and keyboard that go with this built for multi tasking, to do my video editing, designs and gaming a lil bit..

    I was looking at this mice and keyboard.


    I want to get a tablet also to help with my designing.. I have 500$ to spend.
    If you think I be better with older models please let me know it be great if I dont have to spend the whole $500.
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