Computer Freezes, Screen Colors Change to Purple/Blue


My computer has recently developed as issue wherein after watching youtube videos for a while, the screen will suddenly change to hues of purple and blue, the mouse cursor will change to a straight line, and seconds later the system will freeze completely. Usually I have to do a hard reset, but the other night the system randomly recovered from this state without issue (or error report). I'll attach pictures of this if I can figure out how.

Sometimes audio will continue to play and the strange-looking mouse cursor will continue to move even though the system at large has stopped responding. Eventually, though, whether a couple seconds or a minute or so later, the system inevitably freezes completely

Potentially Relevant Info:
Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
2 RAID 0 SSDs + 2 HDDs
Nvidia GTX 560 (not overclocked,)
P6T Mobo

Potential Causes:
1)Video Card - Because of the nature of this issue, the video card was my first guess. I don't understand what the issue could be given the fact that there are no issues at all while the card is under extreme load while HD-gaming, but there are issues when watching videos on youtube. I tried updating the video card drivers to latest and the issue is still present.

2) SSD - I'm not super familiar with the types of issues SSDs can have, but perhaps this is one? I have moved the page file to an HDD, but Windows always reserves some space on the SSD (system drive) for a small page file. Perhaps there's a bad sector in the NAND and the SSDs stop responding when hitting it? I don't know. Just a hypothesis. I also don't see this as very possible because I don't run into this issue at all except when watching full screen youtube videos. If it was indeed an issue with the SSD, I would think that any type of computer work would lead to this problem eventually. That seems to not be the case.

3) Firefox's hardware-accelerated graphics. This is relatively new. Perhaps something in FF is not playing well with my video card drivers
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  1. Disable Firefox hardware accelerated graphics. There are known compatability issues with a variety of video cards and video drivers.

    Are you trying to watch full screen videos? Trying to watch full screen videos is another known problem.
  2. Sounds like it could be bad video memory.
  3. I've had strange video problems and seen that my GPU temp was way high. Think of this as a possibility less likely than the previous two.
  4. To anyone having similar problems to this, it was definitely a GPU driver issue. Super lame.
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