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I have been painstakingly going through hundreds of cases, and I have narrowed it down and down and got rid of the ones that had features that were gimmicks than practicality for me personally. The perfect case for me is going to have tons of fans for exceptional air cooling. I it must have good cable management and have room behind the mobo tray to work with. Sliding MoBo tray, Aluminum, and Lan party cases are of no concern to me, computer building has become a hobby but it won't be leaving the house, unless someone steals it. Back to to the needs, I prefer it to be all black but I can always do it myself. It needs to have some breathing room inside atleast to harness the 5870/5850's, and can handle the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, which are parts I am for sure getting. So thats just a little over 5 inchs, so that pretty much any case, and the cards ie Asus 5870/5850 from what asus site says there no more than 9.6 inchs for vga room which also is almost anycase. With these dimensions when I say they should fit, I mean they should fit without any complications, such as removing a fan. Sorry for all the writing.

Thats how I found these two bad boys. I am not sure on the BX-500 cause I can only find minimal info on the web. So I can't get something I have no idea about.
The CM 692 is the best case I could find, the Scout and Sniper were also on my list and I have been looking more into them.
But the 692 seems to be the right choice for me so far. With plenty of review videos, documentary builds with it, and several respected websites recommending it.

Anyways if you have worked with either of these cases or know any details good or bad, please let me know. I was hoping to get someone that has worked with one of two, to tell me either it was great to work with or they wish they never would of bought it. But so far the 692 has won the hearts of many, and unless there is something out there I am missing I will get this one.

Also please tell me what case your using and how functional it is, and how manageable its cable setup is. Thanks please post it up.
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  1. I have a LIAN LI PC-P80 and I love it. It definitely has enough room and cooling for anything you can throw at it. But it's a little pricey also. I just did a build for my brother and used a NZXT Apollo and I was supprised how nice it was. It is built well with some nice features and has good cooling if you install the front fan. But if you are looking for great quality you can't go wrong with a Lian Li.
  2. Yeah that Lian LI is something else, price wasn't a problem but I figured around 200 or less, but I don't think I could handle that case any way, its to much case for me lol.
    I did kinda of like the NZXT Tempest and Zero 2, but I think the Zero had Zero space behind the mobo tray and I read a couple bad reviews, I actually wanted it the most at one point. I do like flashy, but I am more into practicality, u know like stuff that I would use and that would be effective and I like to have expandability.
    The more expensive cases I was looking at were the Spedo Adv. and the CM 840.
  3. For midtower there are a few choices that fit your needs:

    CM 690 II Advanced
    Lancool K-62
    Antec 902

    I was in the same boat a few months back. Landed on the Lancool, it's an exceptional case with the best tooless design I've ever laid eyes on. Any of the above however will offer exceptional value and all of the small things that make working in a case a thing of ease.

    Here's a video review of the K62:
  4. a4mula fogot to inlcude the HAF 922 in that list. It's easily the biggest/best mid tower out there.

    I personally have the Antec 902, and I really like it. Here are somethings that I like/dislike about it:

    1.) It's not that big, meaning you might have trouble fitting a 5870 in it, and will need to do some case modding to get a 5970 in it. Which might not really matter to you. It didn't to me.

    2.) It looks awesome, especially if you keep the dust filters clean. The front fans are just cool looking, but if you get a build up of dust, the light kinda blends with the dust and doesn't look as crisp.

    3.) The top fan's LED is in exactly the wrong spot, at least for where I have the case sitting. My case is sitting near the floor, and I've found that if I leave the top fan's LED on, it's in exactly the right spot to blind me as I walk around the room. So I leave it off (it's the only LED that turns off).

    4.) Everything stays very cool inside. I have everything running at stock (except the GPU), and the temps barely reach 40C.

    5.) I had the standoffs for the front fan break on me will I was installing it. So one of the fans has a loop of tape securing it to the HDD cage. Not a big problem, but was very annoying to me.

    6.) Building inside the case was extremely easy. I'm not a small guy and don't have nimble finges, but I had no problem working inside the case. In addition, cable management was a snap.

    I would recommend the 902, but only if you get a good deal on it. When I bought mine, it has a $40 off combo with Windows 7 and was already down to $105. So I basically got it for $85. I can't recommend spending $120 on it when there are other high quality cases for less.
  5. The Lancool I definetly a nice case for the price, but the cm 692 ad. is pretty much identical but with more options and a lot more room, it looked like things got tight real quick just after installing the psu. It is a good constucted case but I would want more than it offers.
    At one point the antec 1200 was my choice, but I watched a review and the guy had like a .25 inch to work with behind the mobo which ain't shiz, but I could be mistaken. It definetly is a cool case, and I hear to put a 5870 you just can't put a HD in the opposite side but you can keep the cage. I can look back into the antec 1200, and also I need to go see a video on the p193, cause sometimes if you dont watch a video it dosn't give a case justice.
    But the antec combo is the cheapest setup, with the 1000 watt combo its atleast 20-30 cheaper than a cm 692 and corsair 1000.

    I started looking into the HAF 932 cause it had tons of room and was good, but if I did get I would have to do some adjustments, like paint the inside, and get rid of the big ugly HAF on the outside, then the big ugle stripes. But then I would just wait for the HAF X, and not mess around.

    I don't mean to be picky but what I do is weigh price over features, and I always think is it worth that much more for what there offering. I think thats why I always land back on the 692. But i will double check on them antecs, those psu are very stable and efficient for a hell of a price. I also had the BX-500 in mind but there is barley any info on the web, and no one has seemed to bought it, so I will keep researching.
  6. Looks to me like the HAF 922 is as deep as any of the other cases so it should handle a 5890 even. Its like the 932 but shorter by a couple inches and much cheaper.

    The CM 690 II does look like a large case for the price, its almost as big as the antec 1200.
  7. its dimensions are that of a full size but just short by an inch or so in length and height is pretty much the same. The HAF's are used by everyone and has high ratings and low temps. on stock cooling. But the stock cooling on the CM 692 is obviously not going to be goo but is only a few degrees behing both haf's, so the hafs can only add one more fan, and the cm 692 can several, so by the time you finish building the CM 692 is going to all air. They even have the vga bracket w/ fan plus a side pci slot for ones of those dual fans to blow on it, and even on the regular pci get an extra for those pci slot fans that suck in hot air. I just couldn't find a reason not to buy the cm 692, when I was looking at it the first time, I was looking at the spedo adv, cm 840 and the NZXT Zero 2, and a couple others, but I just always lean towards it, plus the x-dock, which is good cause if you take out the cage's you still have 3 hd's so 2sdd is one then put 1tb in each of the others, and I will never need more. There is two homemade objects that would make the cm 692 even better, one is get a piece of black plastic or cardboard, and stick it behind the hd cage so you can't see all the wires there. Second find or build a black l^^l thing like that which you put over the psu's wires so you don't see them. Just like the thing that comes with the HAF X.
  8. What can I say about the Haf922. It's big enough to suppotr a 5870/5850. Not sure about a 5970. It can hold about 5 case fans And has space for (5) 3.5" drives I believe.

    Cooling is pretty good as well but I'm waiting to see what another 200mm and a 120mm fan will do for my idle temps. Currently around 29-30 for my phenom II 955.
  9. The HAF 922 is big enough for a 5970.
  10. :thumbup: Again the only caveat about the Haf922 is the silver interior. But as most builders know if you're building it for performance and not show then you'll never open it up anyway.
  11. I just watched a video on the Antec p193 and it is pretty cool, I like the graphic card mount but I am not sure a 5870 will reach? I am not sure how much air flow it gets cause they have all the big openings covered. I almost would get it there is just a few details they lacked on which seems to be a trademark from antec.
    The HAF 922 is pretty cool, but I didn't really like it. I would get the 932 if i did go that route. It just dosne't seem to have the space and features its older brother has, or for its price, its not as good as its step brother the cm 692.
    I don't think I have ever seen the antec 902 and the video says its black inside so I going to look more into them.
  12. the p183 is so dumb, I would hella get the p193 or 1200 anyday over it.
    The 902 I thought was one that could hang with the CP psu but it isn't and the 1200 would be the route with them.
    I need to find some really specfic detail about the 1200, cause I am not going to get a case that has no space behind the mobo, I can always put holes in but if there is no space then its not worth getting. I think a sutible amount is 1/2 inch or more, anything less is pushing it.
    I always wish I would find a case that has all the features I like about several cases and utilze all them, to bad I wasn't a welder or steel worker I would build one myself, or someone did such a thing.
  13. Yea, I'm going to be looking for my next case from now until I do my next build, which probably won't be for a few years.
    I would have thought that if there was space enough in the HAF 932, then there would be space in the 922.
  14. Yeah the antec 1200 looks like a nightmare to work with, if I want to take out 28 screws to clean my air filters!?! On the egg there is over a 1000 good reviews, and about 300 bad ones. From what I read a lot of people wished they would of got the HAF 932 instead. I think what happens you get blinded by what I call gimmicks, yeah 3 120 front and 2 120 back, seems like the best but, since I plan on buying my own fan controller i would have to replace all th fans and then half its selling point(the controllers) would be gone. I just hope no one gets this thinking its good for moding or for making it indivdual, I would say if your going to slap some parts in and not touch for a year or until you add cards, yeah its alright. But if you want future proof, go somewhere else. It's features are that of the stone age.
    P193 is a way better pick if I were to go with one. The P is not all black and as stylish as the 1200, but the P193's lack of flash, is made up for its functionality and modability.
    Sorry I write to so much but I want to make sure people like me who are so picky when it comes to cases, if everyone does this when they buy then they got some proof of what a case really is!

    So now where down to the P193, CM 692, HAF 932, and anymore suggestions.
    If I ended up with any of these three I would be in really good shape. I wrote them cheapest to highest from left to right, the thing with the P193 is those psu's the cp's are so effective they scored up with the Corsair HX850 and 1000.
  15. I just purchased an Antec 900 for the fiance's build and i was surprised at how nice it was. (Especially at a special discount price of $79 with free shipping...). For the record, all Antec 900 and 902 models now have a cutout for CPU access. It isn't in the pictures but it is there now.

    However, it was lacking a couple things I really wanted. The Antec 902 solved just about everything I would want in the antec 900 that wasn't there:

    1.) Black interior
    2.) Extra PSU cable management option right near the PSU
    3.) External fan controls

    I wish it had tooless drive installation but thats not a big deal for me, and i wish it had the option to mount the PSU so the fan pointed down out the bottom of the case but it doesn't have that either.

    However, it looks way sexier than any of the cooler master cases, has more fans stock than the 692, has bigger fans stock than the 692, has the side window, has all the cable management that the 692 has.

    I was deciding between the:
    -692 advanced
    -Antec 902
    -CM Scout
    - CM Sniper
    - HAF 922

    And when all was said and done, I just loved the Antec 902 more. I lost tooless drive installation but gained what I consider to the best prettiest case on the market (Of course thats just personal opinion!). Since they added the CPU access cutout to the MB tray, I had no reason not to get the 902. Except the higher pricetag I suppose.

    PM me for a little tip to save you money on shipping if you plan to buy from newegg.

    Just my humble thoughts!
  16. What kind of space do you got behind the mobo? I haven't really got into deep details, and for some reason when they do video reviews they dont tell you the measurements of the 3 biggest issues, VGA inchs, CPU Cooler inchs, and Behind the MoBo tray centimeters and what not. Those three can make or break a case!
    I would appreciate it if you can tell me what the meaurements behind the mobo, cause that might make me want it more.
    You got the 900 or the 902??
  17. I have a 900 over at the lady's house. My 902 is in the mail to me. So I can't measure the 902 for you. i would assume its the same as the 900, but i wont be able to check that out until tomorrow for you.
  18. Well when ever you get a chance.
    There should be a more through details when they show cases off.
    What might end up happening is a new case is going to come out, and I have seen some I think they were either antec or thermaltake but they had dual slot sdd drvies like the Xdock on the 692. So I am not buying until Q2 is over, so god knows what goodies are in store, I personally think the HAF X is a much better case then the current HAFS.
    So my plan will to get one of these, but I might get something a little newer esp. if they have the goods.
  19. Roger. I'll check when i can.

    I'm a little bummed now though. They didn't ship my case out like they were supposed to, and now I won't get it til monday. Which would be fine, if I weren't set to sell my current case on saturday... frick.

    I'll try to measure on monday and report
  20. Alright I am in now hurry, I have been reading a lot about the HAF X, and its suppose to be the next big thing since the first black painted case inside and out!
    I have watched the only 2 videos out, but I am postive more then enough info will be released this weekend!! I am so excited I am going to have a field day.
    But I have been looking between the Cm 692, HAF 932 and the Antec's.
    and the HAF X is a super upgrade from the 932 but with all the features from the 692, like gpu brackets, and front mounted X-Dock for hot-swapable HDD/SDD all covered in a spacious black finsih and 4 200mm Fans! To me thats like having 3 regular 120s for each fan, or 2 140's each. So thats atleast 8-12 fans worth and over 400CFM altogether, plus there is a couple other fans. Red ain't my color but Cm already has the HAF 200mm blue replacement at any store.

    I am not sure if this is a fact but if you see a pic or video of the HAF X, if you look to the left of the pci slots there is divits or holes, and those are the same holes that are on the 692, that are used for mounting the VGA bracket. So I am assuming that is what its for, I know they have the plastic for the ends, but this would add a fan on the side of the cards.
    Oh I almost forgot but there is 9 pcie slots so tons of extra room for adding cards and mounted fans!
    So I think I might have a winner, cause there were only a few things I didn't like about the 932 but this case is a dream mod come true.
  21. Yeah in another forum a guy recommended and its pretty nice but I would go with the 692 over that in that price range.
  22. Hey at bestbuy they had a out of box antec 900, and it had tons of space behind the mobo tray, the only thing I thought was a stock problem is there is not that many holes, but that is easily fix and can be upgraded to personal needs, it would take me about an hour or two.
  23. Search google and youtube on "Lanboy Air"
  24. antec 902 has more holes. Both the antec 900 and the 902 now have holes behind the CPU for HSF attention. if you buy them from newegg anyways where they are always getting new stock in.

    the 902 has the same holes at the 900, with the addition of an extra one near the PSU (mandatory imo). Again both now have the cpu cutout.
  25. That FanBoy is something else it looks like they actually thought it through for once. They always forgot small details. It is going to hard to pick between all these good cases. The newer ones seem to have more pazaz.
  26. That lanboy is very interesting. the harddrive mounting look soo unstable though. lol.

    I don't know I like my components locked in with screws. I wish every screw on the whole system was a thumbscrew though.

    I know when I rebuild in my 902, I will only be putting in the screws for the main side, So I can swap things around without taking both sides off. Still feels just as stable in the lady's antec 900 that way.

    I can't believe that Lanboy doesn't have filters all over it. That case running for 1 month in even the most remotely dusty environment would be insane :(

    its cool though, 15 120mm fans. thats absolutely fricken nuts.
  27. When a case dosne't come with dust filters I just buy my own, and I don't think there going to have every fan just chilling, and if they do there 2-5 dollars to get some. Just like a week ago , I was checking a case out and the HDs were facing to side and I thought they should do the same with the dvd so that way you can hide all the wires, and now walah. I like the big blue one, the littler one seems pretty cool reminds me of a 902.
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