Build me a computer :D

Alright im going to be building a computer this week and i've had a few ideas. I was hoping if you're bored or something you can build the fastest comp you can on newegg.CA. My budget it 2000 so its gonna be a hefty one. Computer MUST have Core i7, Thermaltake VA8003, 1tb hard drive, 6 gigs ram, prefer nvidia graphics but seems like the gtx 480 gonna be too hot(still a maybe though) which means 1000w power supply

budget is really 2500 but 500 for case,screen

I probably will want to overclock my cpu so I want a motherboard with really good OC features

Thanks :)
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  1. get one gigabyte board it's very cool

    search on google there are many
  2. Please post in the format outlined in this post - it's much easier for us to help you out:
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