Monitor recommendations?

I have spent the past four hours researching monitor options online, without reaching any clear conclusion. Therefore I thought I'd throw my question out and see what people think. I've got a new Dell 9000 coming this week, and want to upgrade from my old (square) Dell 20" monitor to something in the 24-27" range.

Here are my requirements (in approximate order of importance):
General PC usage
Windows Media Center - accessing TV content stored on a Windows Home Server (no tuning required)
Video / image editing, but ultimate color accuracy not critical
DVD and blu-ray playback
Light gaming - GTR2

General needs:
Connections - DVI (do I need HDMI?)
No speakers
No remote
No tuner
Clean, attractive look
Low power

The PC (refurbed) is coming with a 1GB nVidia GTS 240, but I would definitely upgrade for the right experience.

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  1. Whoops - sorry posted this to the wrong forum. Have reposted to flatpanel monitors.
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